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    **Update on this topic** Please allow me to elaborate and please excuse my long read but this had to be told. I was looking for more information regarding this small business in question which i wanted to do research on called Txholeyrocks located in Houston Texas and happened to come across to this forum. I'm currently building a 40B frag tank with custom sump and was in a need of an internal overflow. After a long extensive search, I stumbled across this company and seen a couple of videos on YouTube and I really liked thier designs and price. Well I too went to ebay and seen the number to call and i dialed it. Phone rang and a man answered by the name Zak White. He sounded like he was in a hurry and he then mentioned to send him a text with my email info which i did. I emailed him with my detailed info of the customized overflow that i wanted. He emailed back and I at first was going with a smaller drain demention with three of 3/4" holes for the outer box overflow drain but soon realized that my set up can handle three of 1" holes instead for drainage so i emailed him back with my preferred custom build. I'm pretty much a calm but sinceretype of guy pretty much tell it like it is. So I asked this guy Zak for a price quote plus delivery charge and he took 3 days to answer me with a message stating "Im Moving Onto Other Customers". I'm like huh! What's going on! So i responded by saying gee thanks for wasting 3 days of my time trying to place an order with you! If you couldn't customize or even want to do business with me, you should of just told me so. Very unprofessional of you. He replied "You Should Of Just Paid The Invoice". At this point I'm soo confused because i never recieved or expected to get an invoice, when I only asked for a price quote. So I replied saying, I never recieved an invoice to begin with. At this point im getting upset and very disgust on how this person (Zak) is soo rude! After a couple of days passed, i was thinking to just go ahead with the new Eshopps (Large) Slim Internal Overflow which did have only few good reviews but i really wanted and preferred a 16" long thinner overflow box for my set up. so after thinking it through I was contemplating on either emailing back to Zak and basically give it another try to establish a clean slate and start all over since maybe he was just moody and lacks people interaction skills but this is all an misunderstanding to begin with. This time i simply just stated that if we can still do business and he replied : Tell Me What You Want" I have him my needed dementions and this time he sent me the invoice through PayPal which i accepted and paid on Saturday March 11. I asked approximately how long will it take for delivery, Zak said "You should receive the shipping by Friday or sooner" which it sounded great only 3 to 6 days. Well a full week has passed and recieved a small package with only 2 bulkheads in it. I figured ok i should recieve the rest of the order by the next day or two. Nope! 3 more days has gone by and still Nothing. I emailed Zak again stating where's the rest of my order and what's the tracking number. HE NEVER REPLIED. At this point I'm desperately trying not to loose it. I called at the number listed for 3 straight days and he never answers. Coincidence? Well 12 days has passed by now since i ordered and only received a small package with 2 lid covers for the Overflow boxed, but still no Overflow boxes. I feel like he just simply shipped the order in bits of pieces on purpose. It's now been 2 whole weeks now and still have not received the complete order. So basically I'm feeling soo stupid and ashamed to have done business with Zak White from Txholeyrocks. I just sent my final email saying that the this whole experience is not what i was expecting on how he handles customers. On reading this forum i can relate with some of you that have had similar bad experiences. It's simply unexcuseble, unprecedented and unprofessional way to treat any customers Period! He finally replied a few hours later and his email response was simply "YEP" I say BBB should be notified of such unethical, rude and lousy service of business!!! ** STAY AWAY** From This So Called Txholeyrocks Overflow Business And The Very Rude So Called Zak White! Reefers, Their are other options on great overflow makers out there maybe for a bit more money but with reliable service great quality and way better customer service, its totally worth it. I sure wish i have done just that.