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  1. Text me itll be quicker to get you pics
  2. 3 torches 2 Aussie purple torches and one rianbow torch each one single head 12 polyps of rastas and a gold nugget maroon clown selling as a pack for 180 shipped text 3372964009 if interested can text pics gold nugget showing allot of gold 3 years old
  3. 1 head purple green tip torch 2 head gold octo 6 polyps rastas elegance coral 250 shipped
  4. 60 plus shipping
  5. Nice bio hazard bounce 320 shipped
  6. 280 shipped
  7. 7 heads heads or big wysiwyg if serious inquiry ill do 350 shipped
  8. Petro glyph now has 2 polyps on it and another coming in can get updated pics acan very bright under whites and blues asking 50 plus shipping on acan and 70 plus shipping on zoas
  9. Not standard one is rianbow and other is purple with gold in it 60 each is 120 and 60 shipping is fair I think
  10. Strat one polyp and baby polyp popping out on side 450 shipped
  11. Sold please close thanks
  12. Louisiana and actually sold.shipping them out tomorrow I have other zoas tho