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  1. 200 shipped for mini colony 30+
  2. Sold please lock up
  3. Sold please lock up
  4. The tyree was pretty big about 3 x2
  5. Sold tyree and Jedi today in package locally with kyrtonite mushroom. Rainbow chalice and 6 head rainbow acan for 700. I have other stuff avaliable have real nice torches. Artic firestorm chalice few acros
  6. No problem will post torches soon and hammers. I have variety and love a mixed reef myself
  7. 60 plus shipping
  8. Tyree monti 40. Jedi mind 50. Plus shipping on each
  9. One I sold for 60 plus 40 shipping a while back. Cell phone pic using galaxy s8+
  10. I have colorful brains or money back guarantee.
  11. Pending sale this wwc bounce may be to new owner in Georgia soon.
  12. Sold locally plz lock up thread
  13. I gotcha I can do Walt Disney acro purple passion. Few montis and chalices for good deals some brains and hammers and frogspawns just message me what you want and we can go from there
  14. Well what you'll wanna see for sale give let me hear you'll input and ill post stuff soon for great prices. Look those bubbles on that wwc though
  15. What they look like matured