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  1. I'm so mad my tank is not setup right now. Those are pretty amazing looking corals there.
  2. Never!!!!!! Just my opinion. I never trimmed mine. It grew crazy. But other ppl might say to trim it.
  3. I think that's was a nice score.
  4. Just depends. Swimming season means a lot of business. Snow season means a ton of business. Rainy season means business. Every day means business. Lol.
  5. That's a sweet find.
  6. Of course I'm not sleeping. If I was. I wouldn't be able to respond to you.
  7. I strongly believe you need to add somemore support braces. After the weight of the water goes in. Roughly 8pounds per gallon. That thing might collapse. Def take precaution and add some braces. Maybe to the end pieces. As @hllywd said. Some vertical braces at the end would give more support. The way it sits now. You better get a few mops handy. And a appt with a water cleanup crew.
  8. Lol. Sorry not trying to. But my parameters was already great. So I never needed to feed it
  9. 12 sounds good
  10. Lol. That photo is not crimson. It's nano
  11. Anybody watch WWE?
  12. And he's close. To me and you!!!!!!!
  13. You order way too much. Why wait? I continue to tell you I have a guy that owns a pet store. And keeps everything you order in stock 7 days a week. And why did you remove the overflow? Do you not have duals on your fuge? Both would provided better filtration. And better flow
  14. That possibly could be it. But I doubt it. Elegance are hard to keep. I had no problems keeping it. I even took a 2 week vacation. Lol. With no change.
  15. Make sure it's not motion sensored