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  1. I bought my pods from algaebarn. They really don't even sell them. There a 2nd party which means they make money from the company that originally sells them. Which caused my shipping to take even longer. Highly suggest not to use them. The product was great. And arrive Alive. But shipping time sucks
  2. Would kill to get paid to fish. That would be the dream.
  3. No. I took ownership into a take5 oil changing company
  4. It's not about staying away. It's about not having time to do anything. Between cheerleading and my new job. I'm tied up bad
  5. Haha @Muttley000 first post in a while. And beat yu to next page!!!!
  6. GAME TIME!!!!!
  7. I was just walking in from fishing. Lol. It's addicting
  8. Your tank is looking a lot better
  9. Morning @Muttley000
  10. Got out during the move. Didn't wanna risk moving a tank with livestock. I do have a pretty nice tank just sitting empty. Just ain't had the time to fool with it. Between son footballs and daughters cheerleading games. I've had a tank since I was 9 years old. That's almost 20 years in the saltwater life. A break. Maybe. Getting out. Hell no. Love it too much for that
  11. Been thinking about starting my tank.
  12. Oh yea. Won the tournament with a 62 pound shovel head monster
  13. Hello everyone. I been absent. Fishing my life away. In this tournament. How's every doing?
  14. If this is available and your willing to drop on price. I'll purchase. Right now your link yu posted there on sale. So if you wanma negoiate I'll buy
  15. Sold. Please close