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  1. Birdman

    I’m new here. Thanks for the welcome
  2. Birdman

    Last post wins!!!! I guess I win. Hahaha lol.
  3. Birdman

    Those are gonna be nice looking once they turn purple!!!
  4. Birdman

    I like your new tank. Where did you get those massive rocks from?
  5. Birdman

    I didn’t get off work until 1am last night. And had to come back at 8am.
  6. Birdman

    Right. How is he acting? If he is being normal. I would say. Your good Togo
  7. Birdman

    How long exactly has he been In there. Does other fish swim around the box? Is yes. How’s he act in that situation? Does he remain calm? Curious? Aggressive?
  8. Birdman

    I would suggest the box. Would be a great ideal for aggression reasons. There hard to catch in a tank full of rocks and corals. Lol
  9. Birdman

    Lol. I’m starting to think trying to start my tank back up was a bad ideal. I haven’t been this busy in years
  10. Birdman

    I load one when I get home if I don’t forget.
  11. Birdman

    Just dropping to say Hello to all. Lol. Man I’ve really been absent for a while. Lmfao!!!! Tanks are looking good as usual. @crimsonvice I love your rocks in your new tank. It looks good. Do you intentionally leave your water level below the rim of the tank?
  12. Birdman

    I bought my pods from algaebarn. They really don't even sell them. There a 2nd party which means they make money from the company that originally sells them. Which caused my shipping to take even longer. Highly suggest not to use them. The product was great. And arrive Alive. But shipping time sucks
  13. Birdman

    Would kill to get paid to fish. That would be the dream.
  14. Birdman

    No. I took ownership into a take5 oil changing company
  15. Birdman

    It's not about staying away. It's about not having time to do anything. Between cheerleading and my new job. I'm tied up bad