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  1. AspiringLobophyllia

    Hey Everybody! Long time no update, sorry it's been pretty hectic. Sadly, the 90 gallon tank had to come down, here is its last picture while under deconstruction. Had to come down because the floors in my new house are quite janky, so I'm not going to trust them with 1000+ lbs and risk killing somebody under me. The new tank is already up in the new house! Biocube 32, with removed hood and AI Prime. Here's a picture! sometime I'll start a new thread
  2. AspiringLobophyllia

  3. AspiringLobophyllia

    Whoops, better late than never. Here’s my 90. My suggestion to get some more posts is to make it a multi-day thread. Maybe a weekly thread or a weekend thread? If I miss a FTS post and see it the day after I usually won’t post
  4. AspiringLobophyllia

    Updates: tangs are fine. Marine betta is in ROUGH shape. Severe fin rot on all fins, keeps swimming in a straight line and bumping into stuff. Swam straight into my lobo’s feeder tentacles which I’m sure gave a sting. I moved him to the sump. Hopefully going to target feed w/selcon and see how he does down there. Any other ideas?
  5. AspiringLobophyllia

    Hmm... doing some research and the tomani tang and yellow tang might have some compatibility issues. Anyone have any input on this?
  6. AspiringLobophyllia

    Update: upgraded the tank to a 90! Here’s the new aquascape and a sneak peak at the new inhabitants: a marine betta and a tomani bristletooth tang from coral reef in perrysburg
  7. Headed on a road trip to Newcastle from BG on Friday, anybody have anywhere that I must stop at on my way back? I know there’s probably another thread out there that has this info, but I can’t find it. Sorry!
  8. AspiringLobophyllia

    Am I allowed to post here too? Lol The stand is a beautiful sturdy half inch plastic-like material. Here’s a picture of the sump that comes with the tank. The addition of a gravity ATO is nice, but my one criticism is that it looks like it’s only 4 gallons so way too small
  9. AspiringLobophyllia

    I just recently inherited the same 90 gallon, im pretty sure my yellow tang is that tang’s Great Great grandnephew or something. I’ll post some pictures to my build thread later this week!
  10. AspiringLobophyllia

    Taking my MCAT that day, but I’ll be at the next one! Really would like the chance to get to meet you guys
  11. AspiringLobophyllia

    Thanks! They’re some type of Paly
  12. AspiringLobophyllia

    Little late, whoops
  13. AspiringLobophyllia

    Anyone else having issues? I havent been able to login for about a week
  14. AspiringLobophyllia

    parting with any livestock?
  15. AspiringLobophyllia

    He’s doing great! It’s a green spot puffer and a one spot damsel in the 10 gallon tank, to be upgraded to a 30 hex next month. I have them in with some zoas, palys, brown star polyps, mushrooms, and one candy cane. No sign of it developing a taste for coral yet, but I feed it frozen krill on a daily basis. It’s really cute because it puffs up every time I feed it, think it’s just getting excited. I’ll try to post a picture later!