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  1. He’s doing great! It’s a green spot puffer and a one spot damsel in the 10 gallon tank, to be upgraded to a 30 hex next month. I have them in with some zoas, palys, brown star polyps, mushrooms, and one candy cane. No sign of it developing a taste for coral yet, but I feed it frozen krill on a daily basis. It’s really cute because it puffs up every time I feed it, think it’s just getting excited. I’ll try to post a picture later!
  2. Holy cow am I glad that I caught this before disaster
  3. So can we have a feather duster grow out challenge sometime?
  4. Where are you located? How old is the black box light on there? I might be interested in the light and a couple pounds of live rock if you do end up parting it out
  5. Heard you were thinking of setting up a tank for puffers! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Update two: death. This hobby sucks sometimes.
  7. Update: new pickups Scolymia looks great Condy nem looks great Bubble tip did exactly what I didn’t want it to do (typical) First pic: After 5 minutes Couple hours later Green spotted puffer right at home in the girlfriend’s 10 gallon with the new one spot damsel cowering in the background. Researched the puffer after I bought him, turns out these are usually murder machines. Whoops lol
  8. I am not a frugal reefer.... made a trip over to gerber tropical fish Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I have the same bracket on an A80 in a 10 gallon. I think the bracket is a dense plastic, I’ve had mine dipping into the water for about a month and I haven’t seen any signs of rust yet. I would be worried if the gooseneck could get wet though.
  10. A small springer’s damsel or 6 line might be a good buffer against flatworms/nudis if you ever change your mind about fish
  11. Haven’t seen anything else suddenly die, donated my Picasso trigger to Jeff70 and replaced my cleanup crew with a big order from live aquaria. Looks like the tank’s in the clear for now, but I’m keeping a close eye on things
  12. Overnight casualties: If anybody knows anything about how to stop this from spreading please let me know. I still have all of my euphyllia intact and one remaining lobo. Should I move them over to the unaffected 10 gallon tank?
  13. Need help. Is this brown jelly disease? Tank hit 200 ORP last night. Woke up to my center brain having been obliterated overnight. Thought my tank problems were coming from my trigger eating everything, but it still seems to be declining after I relocated him. [emoji20]