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    While some dont like seeing the equipment. I have a seaclear system 2. Has built in sump. Not really what I wanted but I got it used for 300$ it's 100 Gallon. And all the equipment that he was using. Freshwater stuff. Anyway. The sump in only 3.75 inch opening. So internal was limited. Used a lees counter current skimmer. Finally ram across one that was cheap and could do in sump or hob. It works marvelously better than I thought. Under 100$ too. Can't beat that. It's very versatile. Contact time is high and bubble production is killer.
  4. Moody66

    Does it come in different colors?
  5. Moody66

    Yep yep. Will do.
  6. Moody66

    Lol. You guys are awesome. I would be lost without the aide of your experiences. Picked up a Blonde Naso Teng. Such a friendly fish he is.. Or she.. Tank coming together nicely. Even got a Mandarin after stocking thousands of copepods. Now I have something pleasant to look at and take care of.
  7. Moody66

    Yep. It finally opened up.
  8. Moody66

    It is leathery. Soft. Amazing any of them left. FedEx took two days to deliver my priority over night package. The two fish didn't survive. The water temp was 68 when I opened the bags. But they all opened.. With the exception of this one.
  9. Moody66

    Wish I knew. They didn't label any of them. All are well. Zoas and all opening. Etc. That one I haven't seen before. So no idea what it should look like.
  10. Moody66

    So it's dead? Or just color change?
  11. That's what I figured as well.
  12. Moody66

    Bought a ten pack of frags. Favia zoas chalice etc. One I do not have a clue what it is. If anyone can tell me I would greatly appreciate it. Want to make sure I get it where it needs to be and feed correctly.
  13. Not taking chances. Removed the whole rock. Hope I didn't kill something cool.
  14. I was told they were colonial hydroids. So I removed the rock.. Sadly..
  15. Least I am not the only one. Magical appearance. lol