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  1. It was a hammer coral. Couldn't remember if it was the hammer or the Yuma from there. The hammer is awesome.
  2. Didn't even know about that one. She got a chalice and Xenia and one other. Done forgot. Lol we have purchased several the past couple weeks. Lost an orange Yuma ordered online. It wasn't healthy when we got it though.
  3. Yep. It was Akron. Wife wanted to go to Sam's club in North Canton. So we drove up there since we were so close. Found a bunch more stuff she wanted in the reed store while we were there. Lol. She picked up a few corals and some food. And I got to talk to the owner about reef keeping. There is another somewhere up there according to Google maps. But we didn't have time to visit it. Is Akron close for you? Any other stores I should go see?
  4. Picked some up Sunday at Coral Reefs Marine Fish. Cheap. I love that place. The people have a huge reef tank as you walk in the door. I could have spent hours just watching it. Made me jealous. Lol. The guy was very helpful in how to keep it under control and such. They are hardly ever open to the public for some reason. Wish they or anything like them was close by. This area just sucks for reefers. Thanks for all the helpful offers guys. Much appreciated.
  5. That's odd. Most people say its to easy to grow. Sigh. What lighting did you use? I have LEDs at the moment. Its very interesting how corals seem to be hit and miss. Natures ocean is so much more complex then anything we can ever accomplish with tanks. I think that is what draws me in to it.
  6. That's what I hear. I don't mind having to keep it cut back. I love sea creatures of any kind. Wife does as well. She could sit for hours and just look at the tank. As new as it is. There isn't much. We have 7 colonies of zoanthids. Two heads of green mushroom coral. And one candy cane. All small. So nothing moving. Xenia would provide the movement it is in dire need of.
  7. I am not sure what some close don't sell it. From my research most complain it is to easy to grow. They call it weeds. Lol maybe that is why they don't? They would be over supplied and take up to much space? There is a nice coral store about an hour north of me. Huge selection of coral and fish as well ad equipment... Not one single Xenia.
  8. Sadly there ate fee pet store around me. Only one that carries and saltwater stuff. I would like to have a Xenia. Love seeing them pulse. I'm in Uhrichsville. Anyone know of a member that would sell me some that isn't hours drive away. I looked into ordering but for just a Xenia the shipping is outrageous...
  9. wondering if I can haul it. What ate the dimensions. Wife I think is wanting it. It looks to be 48L tank. 48x24? Stand 60"?
  10. Awesome! Already have spare 10 gallon with air stone and pump. And heater. Which I guess I don't need for this. And have 14,000 pods on order with 32oz of plankton. Should be fun and hopefully successful. Lol thanks guys!
  11. . I am thinking about a tank that's sole purpose is to raise copepods and cure rock... Nothing else in it. Anyone have an article or advice on doing this? I would like some day to try a mandarin on my display and I know they consume huge amounts of pods. And noone in my area sells good quality live rock. Kill two birds with one stone. Lol thanks for any info you can share.
  12. Good idea. I will work up a list and post. Loving what I have seen here so far.
  13. What are you wanting for it. Running a 60 at the moment.
  14. Still for sale?