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  1. Only the Foxface is left. Going to be donated to the LFS soon if there is no interest. Rest of the fish are gone!!
  2. Sent you an message with my cell. Should be here the rest of the day
  3. Yes, still available.
  4. Oh...and the chromis are free now
  5. First come first serve.......and while I know Chromis are in the Damsel family.........the 2 damsels I listed are Blue Chromis I believe. Bleevit....you still interested?
  6. Findlay, Ohio
  7. He's yours, let me know when your thinking you may want to pick him up and we'll work it out.
  8. Sorry, forgot to put that in my post....located in Findlay
  9. It was a great sump that served my entire system at one point, 180g and two 30g frag tanks. I'm tearing down the frag system, this is the first thing to get listed. Pickup Only.
  10. They are are healthy and in need of a new home quick. They were living in my frag system, however the pump failed and I'm not rebuilding it again. They are in temporary tank with heat and light and good water flow, but need to find a new home. Entire frag system is being torn down. FoxFace - Full Grown - $30 Flame Tang - 3" to 4" - $20 Blue Damsels - Free
  11. My Bad, asking $450.
  12. Hey everyone, I've got a Reef Octopus Diablo DCS 250 Skimmer for sale. Body is 10" wide, stands 24" tall, it's a beast of a skimmer. Comes with 2nd generation pump, cleaned and ready to go. I no longer need due to downsizing. Any questions, please ask.
  13. Hey all, My current skimmer is to large for my new setup, so I'm parting ways with it. I'm unable to find the actual model, but it's very similar to the Reef Octopus Regal 250 except with the Gen2 DC pump and controller, not the newest one. It's a beast of a skimmer and will handle the largest systems with ease. 10" chamber, 24" tall. Hate to part ways with it, but it won't even fit under the new tank. Was around the $600 range when new, Asking $450
  14. To be honest, it's been a while since I read that, and I don't remember where I saw it. There is also the added bonus that silicone tubing is more flexible and doesn't harden over time. I'll see if I can find it the article....if I do I'll post a link.
  15. Silicon hose is the best, however it is more expensive. With my new build I'm staying away from Flexible from PVC, as I read a article not long ago that stated even flexible PVC breaks down in time.