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  1. Neogenesis

    I like the blue light idea, but to play devils advocate, safety could be of concern.
  2. Neogenesis

  3. Neogenesis

    I'm always open for a trade....I tend to stick to more LPS and Zoas.......lmk what your thinking
  4. Neogenesis

    Dropping to $30
  5. Neogenesis

    Not sure I had a build thread going on this tank, I couldn't find one when I searched. I'll have to start a new one and give a run down of where things are at.
  6. I'm thinking of selling these guys, I've raised them from very small babies. They were purchased from ORA. Around 3 years old. I honestly don't remember when I got them. If interested, hit me up. Female in pic1, male in pic2, both in pic3. Pickup only located in Findlay, Ohio
  7. Neogenesis

    Hey Guys, have this purple pavona for sale, well I think that's what it is anyway, around the size of the palm of my hand. $50. I will be keeping a small piece of it for myself. Pickup Only - Located in Findlay
  8. Neogenesis

    That's awesome............I may have to order one!!! Thanks!!!
  9. Neogenesis

    Which gyre controller? I've found a few, not sure if they differ in size.
  10. Neogenesis

    I've got an Anet A8 that's been modified and soon to be converted to a AM8. Been printing for about a year and a half now, printed all kinds of things from Star Wars Helmets to R/C Quadcopter parts, to hangers and holders around the house. I enjoy the design aspect more than anything, 3D modeling is where it's at!!
  11. Neogenesis

    Only the Foxface is left. Going to be donated to the LFS soon if there is no interest. Rest of the fish are gone!!
  12. Neogenesis

    Sent you an message with my cell. Should be here the rest of the day
  13. Neogenesis

    Yes, still available.
  14. Neogenesis

    Oh...and the chromis are free now
  15. Neogenesis

    First come first serve.......and while I know Chromis are in the Damsel family.........the 2 damsels I listed are Blue Chromis I believe. Bleevit....you still interested?