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  1. ErickS

    Thanks for the beautiful frags they are opening up nicely now and showing their color. Will definitely do business again
  2. ErickS

    Hologram montipora and blue leptastrea just got from dr Fragenstein.
  3. ErickS

    Are you available today to get a frag?
  4. ErickS

    How much for the blue leptastrea
  5. ErickS

    Union forklift driver
  6. ErickS

    I was having withdrawals
  7. ErickS

  8. ErickS

    Little bigger then an egg got it for 35$
  9. ErickS

    Going try my hand at sun coral
  10. ErickS

    This is my 2nd one the other was on a 75. My buddy swears by them has 4 that he has owned for years .
  11. ErickS

    It’s an odyssea fixture the bulbs just didn’t have the best color . Have noticed better extension in the coral immediately. I like the fixture just not the bulbs .
  12. ErickS

    In process of changing over to ati bulbs love the first blue . So far it’s a coral plus and a blue plus in a 4 bulb fixture
  13. ErickS

    Was told it’s eating 3 times a week. Has opened up slightly. Will try feeding it soon and see how it goes.
  14. ErickS

    Just got a sun coral. Anyone with experience have any tips ?
  15. ErickS

    Anyone have a reefbrite led strip? I’m looking into adding one to my 4 bulb t5 lighting.