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  1. ErickS

    Any for sale or trade?
  2. ErickS

    Definitely take into account the water that’s going in your sump when shut pumps off.
  3. ErickS

    Waterline is at top of straight pipe . From the next room I can only hear it if dead silence from other noise such as tv
  4. ErickS

    Yes . I would bet that’s why it’s so loud. No problem that’s why we’re all here
  5. ErickS

    I don’t the the hole would be mandatory. This whole piece is under water in my setup . Will get some pics of it when I get Home. Can make this setup with just straight pipe and some elbows. It doesn’t have be made like these
  6. ErickS

    You want one of those preferably the one you want most water going in to have a curve like my pic and a few inches under water
  7. ErickS

    Using anything like this or just straight pipes?
  8. ErickS

    Yes let’s see the drain
  9. We might be talking about some torches
  10. ErickS

    I’m pretty sure my issue was being over heavy on glue my first attempt
  11. Been on my list of wants. Some day I will have one .
  12. ErickS

    Should have a pretty good idea by then how it turns out
  13. Thinking a black torch or something to be a centerpiece euphylia
  14. ErickS

    My first attempt at a zoa frag was a train wreck wasn’t even a low end zoa . It was cat eyes lost both polyps
  15. ErickS

    Welcome. Nice tank