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  1. ErickS

    http://www.americanaquariumproducts.com/AquariumUVSterilization.html this had an interesting read on redox
  2. ErickS

    No I have not.
  3. ErickS

    At this point the water is crystal clear the fish seem happier more relaxed . I would say it was worth the money for an emperor aquatics .
  4. My 180 has a wet/dry . I’m happy with it as part of the filter system
  5. ErickS

    Any purple people eater left?
  6. ErickS

    Was on my list of ones to get . When seen this colony for the price I had get it
  7. ErickS

    Changing tides . Was happy with the price for the size of it
  8. ErickS

    New Duncan colony.
  9. ErickS

    That’s what I’m afraid of .
  10. ErickS

    Need some thoughts on what everyone thinks. Is this some clove or Xenia that came with the favia frag
  11. ErickS

    Got this zoa rock . Has 2 different zoa on it
  12. ErickS

    Here’s a pic now that it’s opened up
  13. ErickS

    New additions today The open brain was from the coral reef in perrysburgh and the favia from changing tides.
  14. ErickS

    Short observation at this point water is clearer not that it was bad to begin with.
  15. ErickS

    Roughly 45gph