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  1. ErickS

    Seems the workhorse ballast that came in them do the job but not high quality. This was the weak spot for them .
  2. ErickS

    No problem I do plan on replacing the ballast and getting it running.
  3. ErickS

    That’s the plan at this point to fix it. It’s a 60 inch 6 bulb . Out of curiosity make me an offer lol
  4. ErickS

    Anyone have any experience with the tek t5 ? Have one that needs new ballast looking to see what would be the best option.
  5. ErickS

    Had been on my list of wants for a while was able to trade a couple frags for mine. Very happy with how it’s doing.
  6. ErickS

    Got mine 2 months ago. Has a couple new growth doing well where it’s at
  7. ErickS

    What keeps your nitrates low ?
  8. ErickS

    Anyone have any experience with biopelets? Pro and con to them? Seems it’s best to start slow not to shock the system.
  9. ErickS

    Anything not already on the list?
  10. ErickS

    Love the torch garden
  11. ErickS

    The are my biggest. The Duncan is over 20 heads the confusa and scans are about 5 inch across each
  12. ErickS

    Show pics of the biggest colony anything goes
  13. ErickS

    If falls through I’m interested I’m in Findlay been looking for some blue
  14. ErickS

    Pic of the torch?
  15. ErickS

    Coraline starting to cover the back glass .