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  1. I'm in Findlay would like a piece what time of day is better for you ?
  2. How much you looking get for some for the singularia?
  3. 75 and sunshine sounds better
  4. Just got him with pistol shrimp along with the acan tonight. He seems be doing good was eating and moving some sand
  5. Unfortunately we have a while yet
  6. I'm ready for spring
  7. Thanks. was very happy with it. Coral was open in minutes and all the eating and adjusting well
  8. Great group of guys . I'm sure you will like it here
  9. Good morning everyone
  10. Was my first time there. Didn't want a teaser if couldn't take anything home lol. Dustin was there was able talk a couple min, good guy. The coral bins were about half full with egg crate holding frags the other half had some bigger frags with other stuff. Nice selection . It was early when I was there Friday. He had a post Friday night that it was one of the better days he had and thanking everyone that came in.
  11. Welcome
  12. Looks great
  13. Got a couple pics of them in my build thread