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  1. castlet67

    Here are some pics of the damaged leather. The color is starting to return and the bite marks not looking as deep once the crab was removed. It appeared splotchy until i removed it. The white areas were deep cuts,the i saw the crab tucked tight up against the main stem.
  2. castlet67

    Thanks Muttley
  3. castlet67

    Yep, they keep splitting and run all over. Pretty much let them wonder where they want now.
  4. castlet67

    If your clam is smaller,make sure to feed it. The smaller ones cant rely quite get enough nutrients from light alone. Once larger , they will do fine. And for sure,watch for those snails.
  5. castlet67

    Very nice Muttley. Great choice. Make sure to update us on how cheeze it is doing or any issues with coral. Would love to add one to my tank
  6. castlet67

    Yea sure.
  7. castlet67

    Hey thanks. I was thinking gorilla. It ate the heck out of a larger leather coral and didnt want to let go.
  8. castlet67

    He has really taken a toll on my leather.
  9. castlet67

    Ok all. I have a finger leather that has been looking sick. Ive moved it around thinking light and flow issues. I was trying to decide if i should get rid of it or try and nurse it back. I chose to treat and keep it. What i thought were blotchy spots ended up being bite marks. I dipped it rx and then iodine to pevent infections. But tucked tight to the base was this crab,and he didnt want to let go.he is a hitchhiker for sure. Anyone know of a crab eating leathers? Cant id this one. Legs are flat paddle like. The only thing i have in the tank are zoas and a clown with anemones. I have an identical leather 12 inches away from the one getting eaten. No marks and color is good.
  10. castlet67

    Just curious,why are we turning 5he biopellets off?
  11. castlet67

    Didnt recieve an alert. Sorty about that.my number is 5022169691. Tim
  12. I have a hydro planet T5 HO 4 bulb fixture. 48 inch length. Just built a T5 HO and LED set up that took its place. Comes with new grow bulbs that came with the fixture. Everything was bought in December. Great shape for someone wanting to use the parts for a build or use as is. Asking 40.00
  13. castlet67

    Lol,ok thanks
  14. castlet67

    What is a sticky?