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  1. Lol,ok thanks
  2. What is a sticky?
  3. Shipnex.com seems to be the ticket. The disscount brings the rates way down.in case anyone is interested. Just shipped a 5 lb box of coral to SC costing 49.00 verses 96.00.
  4. Thats what im seeing pretty much. I will have to do the walk in and see what a differance it makes. At that rate, i would be giving coral away to be competitive with shipping.
  5. Yes,i was quoted dropping off the overnight package.the discounts dropped a shipment to SC to 78.00. Im sure i may be missing something. I figure i will take a box weighing 5 lbs and walk in to see if it makes a differance. Im sure someone in the club has shipped that may give some insight.
  6. I wanted to start a thread on shipping of corals. Everyday you look into a coral purchase you cant help but notice the shipping being anywhere from 35.00 to 50.00 for an over night shipment.as with many, i frag my corals in hopes of selling a few at a reasonable price to offset some of my needs for my tanks. When i look up overnight shipments, i am seeing anywhere fron 80 to over 100 dollars for over night shipments. So how are they only charging 45.00? 35.00? 50.00? Share how you do it. It just isnt reasonable to travel a long distance to pick up a couple frags sometimes.Give your tips.
  7. I would like one. I work in blue ash. I think thats kinda close to you.
  8. Rainbow Poccipora still availible?
  9. Man,that stinks. Hope for the best.
  10. Great job Jesse and team. It was a a great show!
  11. Tim and Maricel Castle
  12. Just a square of angle stock that the lights sit in keeping them straight to one another.
  13. Yep Crimson,your not kidding.love it
  14. Home made fixture for black box lights