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  1. Runwithem513

    Well, since I’ve gotten it back to where it needs to be there are three survivors, two yellow tangs, a single chromis and two bubble tips. I’ve added a chainlink eel and a powder brown. I’ve also added a few frags, a clam and a nice starfish. Everything is happy and healthy!
  2. Runwithem513

    Good morning, its been a while since I’ve been in here to talk about tanks. Last time here I was tearing down a fully loaded 20L mixed reef and setting up a 210. Well, the struggle has been real with this one. After going through a pretty standard cycle and addition of some amazng fish, I had a terrible outbreak of ich. In the process I lost a hippo, two clowns, a purple tang, a powder brown tang, a Koran angel, and an emperor angel. Afterwards I was pretty down in the dumps about it and my tank went to crap. Recently, I’ve been reexcited about it and have been doing very meticulous maitenance and care for the tank and it’s inhabitants. Here are a few pictures of the tank and of what it was due to lack of maitance before. pics are oldest to newest. It’s amazing how great a tank looks when you finally get rid of cyano.
  3. Runwithem513

    Good morning yall! I’ve been looking for some pulsating Xenia and I’m having a hard time findjng any at the local shops here in Columbus. Would anyone happen to have a little they are willing to sell? Thanks.
  4. Runwithem513

    Pump is still available
  5. Runwithem513

    Hey sorry for the late reply. I’m in the Columbus area.
  6. Runwithem513

    Hello, I’m trying to break down my smaller tank and need to get rid of some equipment. AI Hydra 52 (non-hd) with ext rails and controller- 300. I’m the original owner. It spent most of its life in storage while I was deployed twice. two fluval mini wave makers- 5. Reef octopus hob skimmer-60 (May need new pump but I used it up until I transferred fish). Smaller 150 watt heater- free. Panworld NH-200PS- 50 (replaced bearings a couple weeks ago). Large GEO Skimmer- free octopus OTP-3000- 10
  7. Runwithem513

    Unfortunately no. That’s the same weekend as my sons birthday.
  8. Runwithem513

    Well the time has come. The girlfriend wants a starfish so this little guy has to go. 20 dollars or trade. Location in Columbus.
  9. Runwithem513

    Sure is
  10. Runwithem513

    It’s sad that you have to do this. You’d like to think that everyone in the hobby look out for one another and increase each other’s knowledge and enjoyment of it.
  11. Runwithem513

    That’s what they made it sound like in the post. Talk about nerves.
  12. Runwithem513

    Not sure how many of you are in the Columbus area but there has been a little mischief going on up at rivers to reefs. It appears somebody decided to make off with their grandis colony. Figured I’d give everyone a heads up if you possibly see someone selling a bunch. I’m sure the guys and gals up there would appreciate a heads up if anybody hears anything suspicious such as rediculous pricing on them or whatnot
  13. Runwithem513

    Not sure of location but reef systems coral farm in new Albany has a ton. Almost any size you can imagine. They have some really nice ultras for $100 with some starting around $70. For those of you willing to make the drive, it’s more than worth it to check out some of the things they do there and they have great prices.
  14. Runwithem513

    I’m looking to get my feet wet with a controller. I’ve never owned one so I’d prefer not to go all out. I don’t need anything too crazy. I’d like to be able to eventually control dosing, top off, and temp. Please let me know if you have something available. Thanks.
  15. Runwithem513

    So initially I was wanting to see if I could trade this thing for some equipment or frags but apparently not too many people are interested. If you want it or need it you are more than welcome to it. I’m in the Columbus area.