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  1. fragapalooza

    I have 5 Rainbow's available, all about the size of a ping pong ball. I am located in Republic, OH 44867
  2. fragapalooza

    I am currently out of the blue hammer right now
  3. fragapalooza

    I'm in Republic, OH 44867
  4. fragapalooza

    I'm not fully committed yet but if I do I will for sure look you up. Thank you!
  5. fragapalooza

    I can meet at the Ohio Swap or the Fragensteine Swap
  6. fragapalooza

    Thank you buddy!
  7. fragapalooza

    Frag tanks are getting full and I need to make room for a big order. Most are fully healed and I can pretty much accommodate any polyp count. Most are on 3/4" plugs from the Magical Reef and some are on 1 1/4" plugs and all are under LED lighting. I will upload some photos but I have a ton of frags for sale. The 1st photo is of my bussiness card and my cell number is on there (Shawn Shultz). The best way for photos and contact is by text or Facebook. I am located in Republic, OH 44867 and have been up and running for almost 2 years now. Please like Fragapalooza Corals on Facebook! All photos are here. Chalice: Dead Lights $35 1 available Yellow Eyed Monster $25 1 avail Frankenstein $35 1 available Watermelon $35 1 available Pink Boobies $35 1 available Easter Egg $45 1 available Purple Implosion $40 1 available Toxic Pie $35 1 available Van Gogh $30 3 available Riptide $50 1 available Kona $30 2 available UFO $30 1 available Green Rimmed Toxic Blueberry $40 1 avail Lava $30 $20 2 available Pink Ice $40 Miami Hurricane $20 13 available Zoanthids: Bam Bam $8pp Sunny D $10pp Gorilla Nipples $5pp Wizards $10pp Purple Death $5pp Candy Apple Reds $15pp Rasta $10pp Rainbow Infusion $10pp Red People Eaters $10pp Purple People Eaters $10pp Eagle Eye $5pp Oxide $12pp Dragon Eye $5pp Rainbow Hornet $15pp Keds Reds $8pp Superman $7pp Oompa Loompa $15pp Acid Reflux $20pp Playboy Bunnie $10pp Magician $15pp Fire and Ice $10pp JF Mind Blower $10pp Emeralds on Fire $10pp Mean Greens $5pp Vampires in Drag $15pp Black Hole Sun $7pp Black Widow $10pp Everlasting Gobstopper $10pp Glow Stick Favia$30 1 available JF Klepto Lepto $40 1 available JF Jack o Lantern $50 1 available Sonic the Hedgehog Galaxia $25 17 avail Gold Torch $50ph Purple w/ pink tips and green outh torch $50 Green Torch $25ph Green Hammer $25ph Blue Hammer $35ph Neon green Hammer $30ph Green w/purple tips Frogspawn $25ph Rainbow BTA $35 5 available
  8. fragapalooza

    I have 3 - 5 gallon buckets full of Figi Pink sand and its wet. It was bought for a 240 gallon tank and during the cycle the bottom started to leak. I bought it for $25 a bucket and that what I'm asking. 44867 is my zipcode
  9. fragapalooza

    I have quite a bit for sale
  10. fragapalooza

    PM Sent
  11. fragapalooza

    They just split about 2 weeks ago. I'm not sell till the end of the year though. Im letting everything grow out for the shows next year.
  12. fragapalooza

    Pm sent
  13. fragapalooza

    For easier communication you can contact me by text at 567-220-9022
  14. fragapalooza

    Mainly interested in Zoa's, Acans, Favia, and Chalice. Let me know what you got, Looking to buy in quantity. I am in the Tiffin, OH area (44883) and I'm willing to drive an hour or so for some deals.