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  1. This was my first swap and envision more. Got a frogspawn, hammer (which may not have survived the trip home), cabbage leather, zoa and 3 that I can't remember the name of, but look cool. Mr. Saltwater Tank was helpful and my teenage daughters had fun as well.
  2. Update day 2: tested water today fter 48 hrs, according to direction, tested at .02ish. Dosed 1 ml and tested 4 hrs later, reading about .04ish. The yellow tang looks a little haggard and has developed some brown splotches, kinda like a lightly bruised banana, but other than looking bruised and hung over, he is swimming and eating a little. I also want to thank everyone that has helped with this, it has been a learning experience. Hopefully we can meet in 2 weeks.
  3. I'll be honest, I broke the man code and followed the directions. I will be getting a test kit later today, since I will want to do a water change to suck up any trash on the bottom of the tankk. . I think the coral beauty was too weakened from the Ich to begin with, stress of moving to the QT and then the medicine, his fins were shredded too; they weren't like that when I moved him.
  4. Update day 1. Dosed the recommended amount of cupramine yesterday morning. Patient Zero, the coral beauty, did not fare well. Laid on the bottom of the tank on his side and his fins were shredded. Got him out and put him out of his misery. Started to see spots on the tang, clownies and strawberry chromis. Starry blenny, who the heck knows with all his spots... This morning everybody looks ok, blenny is hanging at the bottom like a grumpy teenager, but moving.
  5. So, a bit of an update. I took a bit of a wait and see since everything came and went so quickly, added garlic to the food. In the last few days the tang has been pestering the skunk shrimp to be cleaned, and the shrimp has been going to town on the goby. I am setting up a hospital tank and will tear the display down temporarily to get the fish out, let the display sit w/o fish for about 60 days. The inverts will still be there. I will likely dose w/ copper in the hospital. Thanks for all the help and advice/information, definite;y better than Reddit/
  6. Ok. So I get the impression I don't want to dose copper in the main tank. What about some of the so called reef safe options? I saw a few at the lfs when I was getting garlic additive. Found these on the internet: https://www.thespruce.com/external-fish-parasite-treatments-2924995
  7. I tried to get him out last night and spent nearly an hour trying with no luck. I may go along this route and remove my cleanup up crew and maybe dose with copper in addition to the immune boost. Just concerned how the copper might affect the corals I have.
  8. Well call me crazy, butter my butt and call me a biscuit. All the spots are gone. I came home after school to try and get him out, and everything was clear. I did read that one guy had a coral beauty that would get dirty with tank dust, maybe that's what happened.
  9. Well, the tang and everyone else are good so far. As far as meds, this is all new to me. I was reading that copper or leverquin(?) does the trick but still unsure what to use.
  10. I have inverts and coral in there. Luckily, I still have the 40g to use as a QT. Problem is catching him, too many hidey holes.
  11. My coral beauty has been pretty shy the last few days, I came home and saw this. Is it ich? Recommendations?
  12. No worries.
  13. I will be down that way the 24/25 for a volleyball tournament in Urbana
  14. Sorry, did not even think about that. I'm in Toledo.
  15. I am selling my 40g setup. I have upsized my tank so there are no fish or coral. What it includes: the tank, stand, HOB refugium, circulation pump, 60lbs of live rock, Fluval 2.0 reef light only 8 mos old and heater. Has lots of fans and pineapple sponges. Asking $300, based on price of rock alone.