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  1. Kprïbé88

    The same with the first word..lol .... It is nice to see kids so interested in the hobby we go to the every weekend and the first thing we have to do is go pet the sharks and rays and he can almost ponit out every fish you name off in the bigger tank its wonderful
  2. Kprïbé88

    Ty for the welcome back .... Ya he did good on the rockwork ... He wants to go with a full reef but we might go with a lot of softies and lps maybe a few caps also but he loves clowns some reef safe stars and need to look around for some other small tank fish i always had a 65-150g tanks so i need to research the smaller fish
  3. Kprïbé88

    So i had an account on here before but I've been out of the hobby for a little while but getting back into the hobby from inspirational moments with my son. He grew up with tanks all over and he use to just sit there for hours ... One day he wanted to talk to me about my old fish tanks and he wanted one so i had a lot of what i needed to set up a small 20g tank with a small sump. So we laid everything out and went through it ... And then time to build it .... I showed him how everything works and he did a lot of it from picking out the rocks to the aquascaping so we are going to have another reefhead. Lol here is his tank
  4. Kprïbé88

    Selling a mini 8ight with 2 lipos extra gears extra esc charger and 2 extra sets of tires ... $100 for all ... Cant go any lower its ready to rock and roll located in Perrysburg