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  4. MarineDepot

    Let me talk to the team! I think a manager was interested at one point in taking it but it's been sitting dormant for months so perhaps sentiments have changed. Can you send an email to social@marinedepot.com so we can communicate about it? Jeff @ Marine Depot
  5. MarineDepot

    It's empty and sitting in the hallway. We had to move the studio from one end of the building to the other end so we took that opportunity to upgrade tanks. We should be releasing a new episode in our Reefer series soon! Current office tanks are the Reefer, a NUVO EXT 50, a Peninsula 14, and a 12 gallon Long freshwater planted. There is also a test tank in the lunch room but there aren't any critters in there. Jeff @ Marine Depot
  6. Veterans Day Sale: 11% off SitewideIt's been fun—but our Veterans Day Sale is almost done!PLUS: Register for our live Q&A with Dr. Tim on Wednesday 11/14
  7. MarineDepot

    Kessil said: "The A360X is not available to use with the Apex controller right now. It may happen, not sure yet."
  8. MarineDepot

    1) Kessil = We've reached out to them to ask 2) They will still catch pods 3) Nero 5: Haven't heard anything to indicate as much 4) There is a 7" Klir on the horizon although we don't have it SKU'd up yet.
  9. Veterans Day Sale: 11% off SitewideIt's been fun—but our Veterans Day Sale is almost done!PLUS: Register for our live Q&A with Dr. Tim on Wednesday 11/14 
  10. MarineDepot

    How to Acclimate Clean Up Crew Invertebrates Here's how to safely introduce the critters who'll keep your tank clean! PLUS: Sign up to get early access to our Black Friday deals >
  11. MarineDepot

    How about Dr. Tim on November 14? Thank you for joining us! We are getting a lot of requests to turn these into live streams, do you think that's something you'd be interested in, too? I'm totally cool with it and excited to try but would like to maintain the call-in aspect as well. Jeff @ Marine Depot
  12. MarineDepot

    The new guy is actually our CEO Wayland whose brother Ken founded Marine Depot! While Robert is busy with tank builds and having adventures, Wayland will be working on product reviews, how-tos, and a lot of back to basics stuff. We're starting to view the YouTube channel as just that, a channel. And channels on TV have different shows with different personalities. You might not tune into every episode, but hopefully you'll watch the stuff you like and skip the stuff you do not. We are looking forward to increasing our output and adding even more MD staffers to the channel in the future, even if is just the occasional cameo! Jeff @ Marine Depot
  13. Multiple Ways to Control Nutrients by Dr. Tim Hovanec Watch & Learn from Dr. Tim's presentation at Reef-A-Palooza 2018! PLUS: Register for our live Q&A with Dr. Tim on November 14 »
  14. Jeremy Howell is the Director of Sales for North America for Brightwell Aquatics (and sister company Continuum Aquatics). He is a long-time friend of Marine Depot who possesses 30+ years of aquarium hobby know-how and industry knowledge. Join us for a live conversation with Jeremy as we continue to explore nutrients in reef aquaria, this time with a focus on how they affect the colors you see in your corals. Whether the nutrients in your tank are sky high or so low you can’t get a reading with a standard test kit – we will be talking about the myriad of ways to get your corals to color up! We'll quiz Jeremy about phosphate, nitrate, water testing, dosing, and a whole lot more. Then, you'll have the opportunity to ask him everything you’ve ever wanted to know about coral colors and the Brightwell and Continuum product lines. Availability for this event is limited! Slots will be filled on a first-come, first serve basis. As an added incentive, we are having product giveaways on the call! REGISTER (it's free): https://mdshop.us/REGISTER9 (You do not have to register to dial in to the call but giveaways are only for registered participants) We will get started promptly so try to dial in a few minutes early. Q&A will be at the end.
  15. Why chasing colors is better than chasing numbers Join us FRIDAY for a live Q&A with Jeremy Howell of Brightwell Aquatics! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!