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  1. Flounder

    Tandem, free labor with the invite. I just call dibs on the supervisor position.... well, maybe the drink beer and watch position
  2. Flounder

    So my system was purchased used and my skimmer died about 2 weeks ago. Realizing it was Reef Octopus from over 10 years ago, no chance of replacing the impeller. Just got the Reef Octopus 202-S and happy so far. Since you have time I can keep you updated. Happy to stay with this brand as the 10 year old used version was still a boss.
  3. Flounder

    I think this is a great idea!
  4. Flounder

    Loving this weather and the open windows! If you take the skimmer line outside, what happens when it is extremely cold? Does the heater need to work much harder? What happens on the extremely hot days?
  5. Flounder

    Great topic, and love the photo's.
  6. Flounder

    Put more water in it
  7. Flounder

    Did you do anything to get the clowns into the nem or just patience?
  8. Flounder

    @Joe, this just means you get a fresh start.
  9. Flounder

    Thanks for the early heads up! I have marked on facebook and my calendar.
  10. Flounder

    Added some Purple and Green Mushrooms and with a booming pod population decided to give the Green Mandarin a try. It was eating frozen in the store... Hope this goes well.
  11. Flounder

    Please keep updating this thread! Having a similar issue with no registered Nitrate on Salifert test kit and would enjoy the opportunity to learn from you.
  12. Flounder

    Float are just a fail safe. What happens if you go on vacation, have a long work week... You could have something overflow with water all over the place, or run dry and destroy the pump.
  13. Flounder

    I doubt anything is truly maintenance free. Plus I would just forget about it until something went extremely off track. Gotta have something to tinker with.
  14. Flounder

    I have the 150 with no complaints. Well... it would be nice if it cleaned itself out.