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  1. so jealous of everyone! Looks like everyone had a great time and walked away with some great items. I couldn't justify the 5 hour drive with a 2 week old tank that isn't ready for life. Great to see such a supportive environment and will make certain this goes on my calendar next year.
  2. I don't want a canopy due to an already 5' tall set-up and this will add to much height. Thinking I will custom make a Plexi-Glass lid to prevent any carpet surfing, prevent some evaporation and keep some noise down. Going with LED lighting so I shouldn't have to much heat melting them (right?). Going to "notch out" the corner's by the overflow/draining for airflow (5"X5"). Would this be good or should I drill more holes throughout? Is there anything I am missing or should do as well? Will be 2 pieces each one is 2'X2' approximately. Will also add a tab/handle to lift a section for feeding. Potentially cutting a smaller section to hinge open for feeding instead of lifting entire 2'X2' section. Always best to KISS and might be over designing it. Could add the feeding door later. Any thoughts from the best forum group ever?
  3. Reading the instruction manual for this bad boy and I am really excited to test it out. Almost to many options to choose from. Might just try out the 24hr lunar cycle first.
  4. any update on the clam?
  5. Does RO/DI have a "shelf life"? If I stash an emergency supply should it be stored in smaller batches to be rotated? We just updated our crawl space to a sealed room and it would be dark to prevent any growth. Added benefit of pleasing the wife by not using more house space.
  6. Doing the rock work now and plan on adding the height. Gives me the opportunity to work on the tank while it cycles. Does not feel like I am just staring at an empty tank waiting for the cycle. I get to work on the aquascape a little every day. I should have a better livestock plan and would welcome seasoned advice. Want a reef friendly tank and going to start with Zoa's and maybe a Toadstool, but I would like to work my way to Montipora (like the look). Fish plan is going to be slow since I am a rookie. Start with Chromis, then Clowns and will work my way to Foxface, Sailfin Tang, Powder Brown Tang, Green Mandarin (if I have the pod population). Mixture for the CuC and cleaner shrimp and clam well down the road.
  7. Got tank into the house, plumbed and filled. Didn't want to glue all of the plumbing in case I needed to make changes and might have some final touches with a little drip here and there. Will do some cord management to clean up the cabinet. Lot's of work with the rock to make the aquascape right (reason for the tic tac toe tape). Moving some of the pieces around kicked up the sand and I couldn't see anything. Maybe playing with the rocks will help keep me entertained waiting for the nitrogen cycle to finish.
  8. Google- I was looking for local support as I venture into the hobby. Feel like I have a new home.
  9. Cheato during the cycle? I have 80 lbs Live Dry, 40 lbs cured live , 30 lbs clean rock, 80 lbs of live sand in DT and 20 lbs of live sand in sump, 2 marine pure blocks and marine pure spheres. Ammonia is dropping with Nitrite's and Nitrate's sky high.
  10. Anybody in Columbus have some?
  11. So, I was already thinking of becoming a supporter because of the great assistance of the group. Not ready to add anything, is there a timeline for the frag? If you hold onto it, can I pick anything out of your tank when I am ready
  12. Starting build this weekend. Got the nitrogen cycle going last weekend in the sump with 28 gallons RO/DI, 90 lbs of live rock, marine pure block, 6 lbs Fiji Miracle Mud, 20 lbs live sand. Ammonia has gone from .5 (3/3/18) to 2.0 (3/5/18) back down to 1.5 (3/9/18), Nitrite has been 5 the entire time, Nitrate has been 160 the entire time, Salinity 1.023, pH 8.0. Happy with seeing the Nitr's up and Ammonia already being consumed. Plan on adding wet live rock from lfs once build is complete to introduce more of the good stuff.
  13. 1- What do I want to keep- First salt tank and want to grow and learn in a long term process. Want to have good corals and willing to establish before going for any SPS maybe in a year or so. Ultimately want to keep a healthy tank within my skill set (which has grown because of the help of this forum). Short answer is I don't have my heart set on anything, yet. However as I learn about the hobby I am certain this will change. That day will come when I see something beautiful and interesting. 2- Budget is healthy, but looking at your build thread, not as healthy as yours : ) If something is truly worth the expense and will have long term value I can justify. Don't want to drop $500 and have to replace in the next year.
  14. This is amazing to learn how hobbyists can support the environment and not just take. Great pics and info.
  15. Any tips on lighting as I start my 150 tall build? Looks like you went through a couple varieties and could make a good recommendation. Starting from scratch here.