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  1. Flounder

    Father in-law put in a $20k generator on his house. They only experience 1/2 second power outage.
  2. Flounder

    Glad to hear the livestock is alive and well, appliances can be replaced.
  3. Flounder

    Respect the distance. Anything you would have done the same/different?
  4. Flounder

    I have 2 years to get this going... As nothing good happens fast, this should be amazing. Any recommendations on multi tank setups in Columbus that I can evaluate? @Muttley000 would you be open to a visit sometime, I know you suffer from MTS. Will be working on a general plan prior to house hunting.
  5. Flounder

    I am going to need an office and thinking we would need a place I could finish the basement. Part office, part recreation room, part sump/fish room with dividing wall between office and rec room being a tank. Another nano in the office and obviously a tank in main living area. I think I have a goal of getting over 1,000 gallons
  6. Flounder

    I would pay $1k for that scenario!
  7. Flounder

    All I am saying is if I move for my spouses job, I should get a fish ROOM! This will certainly be part of the negotiations and requirements for the new house. Thinking this will have to be a multi-tank system to ease the pain of uprooting my life. insert evil laugh here.
  8. Flounder

    Wow, hope you get power back soon!
  9. Flounder

    With my wife finishing her doctorate (finally) she has been offered a job in Southwest Ohio and I am a remote employee. We are considering a move in fall of 2020, we both really like living in Columbus and want to make certain this is a job she will keep before moving. So I have some time to prep. What would you do for a tank to ensure a healthy move 2 years, 1 year, 6 months out? Am I crazy for thinking 2 years out, probably. Thinking that I might hold off on those $10k corals for the moment.
  10. Flounder

    Have a guys weekend every year that we go through $10k in ammo. At least we get to enjoy our tanks for more than a weekend.
  11. Flounder

    I want to see that build video! Please make this happen.
  12. Flounder

    Rule with an Iron Fist! just yell at them until they get it right. If they can't get it, into the tank with killer you go.
  13. Flounder

    I just noticed my clowns getting into my nem this weekend during my water change. 5 months and I haven't given up hope.
  14. Flounder

    Careful you don't loose any fish going topless... wait, I get it now.