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  1. Flounder

    Doing the New Moon Half Marathon and going to see Solo. Trying to get out of the house so my wife can finish her school work as she just got a job. Yay, 8 years of working on a degree finally pays off with a job.
  2. Flounder

    Foxface is still timid but got some photo's. He is active unless I walk up to the tank with a camera and has great yellow during the day and the night time color change is crazy. The Scaly is a great color contrast. They are night feeders and this morning I noticed the tentacles out while the sun was coming up. Interesting night life developing.
  3. Flounder

    soon, have the lights down low to let everything adjust.
  4. Flounder

    Looking forward to the pictures. Great that you will have something to work on with your son.
  5. Flounder

    Went to Matt's today and got a Foxface and Scoly. Both are looking extremely healthy after the transition. So many good looking corals I am lucky to be so close to a great store.
  6. Flounder

    My back hurts just thinking about all of this work.
  7. Flounder

    Best removal?
  8. Flounder

  9. Flounder

    No worries. Don't know if these are any better.
  10. Flounder

    Another growth of a green plant. Almost looks like a fern. Is this Bryopsis? I have not added a Emerald Crab or any Tang's that would consume it.
  11. Flounder

    The whole state of Michigan smells like used hot dog water. Probably what they are going to use instead of RO/DI. Wait, Michigan is part of my territory and it would be cool to have an awesome Public Aquarium to visit.
  12. Flounder

    Congratulations on graduation! What is your degree and what is the next step?
  13. Flounder

    I love the attention to detail here!
  14. Flounder

    I have been thinking about adding this. While updates may be nothing happened, keep us in the loop on how you like it.
  15. Flounder

    Bummer, just realized I will be doing the American Triple-T in Portsmouth that weekend. Love this and hope we keep them up!