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  1. Without any Nitrate reading I have been thinking about using the protein skimmer to help bump up the pH. Only leaving it like this for the day then back to normal skimming. Just took the top off and cranked the valve completely open.
  2. Flounder

    Great to hear they are taking care of you.
  3. Flounder

    Here is my Rainbow from Rivers 2 Reefs.
  4. Flounder

    Get a BattleBox from Battle Corals. I felt like this was a personal approach to buying online with constant email communication. Asking if you are looking for anything specific.
  5. Flounder

    Any hobby can use all of your free cash. Having a bicycle that is worth more than my car. Certainly one day the tank will reach this point as well.
  6. Flounder

    Looks great and excited to see the evolution.
  7. Flounder

    So I started my first tank in the 80's and stayed fresh until this new tank (March 2018) being salty. Without the series of tubes called the internet, I could only imagine trying to pull off keeping a healthy salty tank. Much respect. Thanks for the great story and I look forward to the weekly update photo.
  8. Flounder

    I love the MaxSpect Gyre. Watching the flow change is pretty cool and lots of setting you can run.
  9. Flounder

    Sorry- JP Success is in Lancaster and if you call and talk with Joe he will take care of you.
  10. Flounder

    Where are you located? JB success will sell you cured live rock for what you can buy online and you can pick out pieces you want. They work better if you can give a heads up on how much you are looking for.
  11. Flounder

    Unfortunately I left town for a long weekend. Came home to an empty shell. Might try again... someday.
  12. Flounder

    Thanks for sharing and hope this works for you.
  13. Flounder

    so cool... Do you watch your tank at work? I might set up another screen just to watch all day.