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  1. Flounder

    Yeah, that is more than I was thinking.
  2. Flounder


    Can you take the fish back? Any stores that will take a sick fish? The blue hippo has a recommended minimum tank size of 180 gallons.
  3. Flounder

    Where exactly are you thinking "north columbus"? I know you have sent me flyers for the Columbus area to distribute, maybe I can play a bigger role.
  4. Flounder

    looks great. The livestock is going to love the open space.
  5. Flounder

    My Rainbow BTA has split several times and I would be happy to give 1 or 2 away. Anybody in the Columbus area want to come pick up?
  6. Flounder

    going to pause this and distribute to Forgiven & Shook. If they continue to do well I will distribute again.
  7. I will take it in roughly 2 years. Unfortunately no space to store it for the time being.
  8. Flounder

    I have GFO going constantly trying to get my phosphates lower.
  9. Flounder

    You will cover it in coral anyway. Have some fun and make it yours.
  10. Flounder

    the fake ones made on the tv show Tanked... hahahahaha
  11. Flounder

    Must be an amazing prize once we hit 100,000 pages
  12. Flounder

    You are leaving as I am looking at heading there. Is it me, something I said, I showered... within the last month.
  13. Flounder

    My plans for 2019... Keep things stable as we will be living in 2 locations for the better part of the year. Deciding if we are going to move to second location permanently. The wife has agreed to the Multiple Tank System I would like to install in potential new house. Doing some thinking and planning on how this setup/move will go.
  14. Flounder

    What is it?
  15. Flounder

    If you ever make it to Columbus you could check out Reef System Coral Farm, Rivers to Reefs and Matt's Corals all on the East side. Then on the west side you have Aquarium Adventures. Might be worth the trip if you are going to hit a few locations.
  16. Flounder

    What do you have in the tank and what flow do they like? Keep an eye to see if anything is getting stressed because of the flow and adjust accordingly.
  17. Flounder

    I don't see the pics either, and the anticipation of checking out the eye candy is palatable.
  18. Flounder

    Here is my haul from the swap.
  19. Flounder

    Blastomussa, Red Dragon Acro, Red Digi, and a Walt Disney. Also picked up some pods and a sample pack of coral food. First coral swap and it was certainly something I would do again.
  20. Flounder

    Those are good looking!
  21. Flounder

    Thanks for sharing the information and interest to learn of your results, hope everyone is in good shape.
  22. Flounder

    Lots of people are going bare bottom instead of the sand. I like the look of the sandbed but you could start small and add more if wanted.
  23. Flounder

    I will look for you there! Will be my first show so take it easy on me.
  24. Flounder

    Welcome. This is a great place to bounce idea's and learn. Take it slow and enjoy the process as I recently moved from FW to SW it is the most important part of success.
  25. Flounder

    I agree that the clean up crew depends on what you are dealing with. Nassarius, turbos, trochus and ninja star snails are working for me. Urchins can be a cool addition as well.