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  1. I read this and think it has an interesting point. The higher the temp, the more activity (growth) of bacteria. So warm water will help the cycle speed up.
  2. Matt has a great store. I'm there at least twice a month.
  3. 20 gallons(10%) every other week or 10 gallons (5%) every week. Hoping to get my N03 up and p04 down. As a newbie it is easier to keep everything in balance with regular changes. Or... everything looks happier when I do water changes and I'm not experienced enough to identify ever single little change. So I keep my coral happy and do water changes.
  4. Diamond Watchman Goby keeps my sand looking good. When doing a water change, I will stir it with the long orange driveway markers.
  5. This is a great place to learn. I just reached the 1 year mark and with the advice of the people on this forum have had good success and minimal failure (but it still happens). What everyone will tell you is there are many ways to be successful. Doing the research that you are doing will pay if in the long run. Enjoy the process and take your time.
  6. Flounder


    I hear they taste like chicken.
  7. Every time I have been in this store it is busy. Staff is able to speak to the product and they do some good social media marketing to the local audience. Also appreciate when I saw a clown trigger that was beautiful and asked a few questions. They were quick to point out some of the tank demands of the fish. I could not make this purchase (wasn't going to). Great respect for a store that talks customers out of a purchase if it isn't good for the fish,
  8. Curious if the coralline destruction came from the urchin, after some research this seems to be common. I haven't dosed nitrates, yet. I have been building up the livestock and feeding with a heavy hand. Next step is going to be finding a good dosing source, any recommendations?
  9. Define "we have the space". Does this mean entire home fish tank besides room for "we".
  10. Looks like my Coralline is dying now. I have been using the B-Ionic 2 part since Wednesday adding 5ml every 2 hours raising Alk from 8.0 (Wednesday)to 8.4 (Thursday) to 8.8 (Friday) Salinity-1.026, pH 8.1, Nitrate 0.0 Salifert (always 0), CA 400 (Salifert) 500 (Hanna), Mg 1275 (Salifert), PO4- 0.25 (Hanna)
  11. Just turned on the blues when I got up this morning to get a picture. It is white and through the course of the day my tangs have enjoyed a meal.
  12. Anybody have a success story of converting a spouse? Mine is neutral at best. Happy that it makes me happy and she doesn't need to do anything. I enjoy cleaning and work, but would be pleased if she was more into it. She hasn't been to any lfs and I think her getting something she really enjoyed might help. Has this worked for anyone?
  13. I currently have my tank in the main living space of my house. We are talking about moving several hours away. My negotiation is a basement that I can build a home office, recreation room with multiple tanks used as dividing walls. I will be potentially moving to the basement, but only if it can be turned into a space that I will spend a majority of the day.
  14. Flounder


    This usually happens when I first place. trying several locations to see where they are happy. It's like the urch seeks out the new addition.
  15. Flounder


    I have lost several due to my urchin (I think) picking them up. We will see if they make a comeback.
  16. When doing it as maintenance, how much do you dose? Curious about a bi-yearly or quarterly addition. Just to polish things up.
  17. Flounder

    Spotted Mandarin

    My Mandarin has done great. Such a beautiful fish I am happy he is doing well in my system. Just to ensure he is healthy I add more pods every other month.
  18. Small cup with 1 turkey baster of salt water, 1 chunk of @ReefFrenzy and 2 drops of vita chem. Let sit to thaw for 15+ minutes. Fill cup with salt water and use turkey baster to deploy delicious. I don't pause gyre or any other powerheads as this helps me get food to everyone, and I like the activity of the fish catching all the food. It's a little excitement for this fish.
  19. Are you getting excited yet? Your planning and wait time will pay off in the long run. Glad to see you doing this right.
  20. It was generally around 9 without much change. The rookie year had me doing weekly water changes and I was experimenting on going bi-weekly. Was doing this for several rounds and then the last water change I only did 10 gallons instead of 20 gallons. My essential travel only for work has shifted back to 75% travel requested and I wasn't testing as much as I should.
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