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  2. Sevitz5

    Closet clean out day: 24” T5 HO light with mount $30 BRS reactor (2 weeks old) $40 BRS 50ml/min dosing pump $50 Phosban 150 reactor $20
  3. Sevitz5

    Love them.....my corals are liking them as well.
  4. Sevitz5

    How far are you from Lima? I would be interested in some acro frags
  5. Sevitz5

    Yea I’m thinking about cutting them back to 10 hrs once I get through this blackout
  6. Sevitz5

    I am currently on day 2 of a blackout along with doing the DrTims method. I looked under a microscope and found out it is Ostreopsis. Many have had success with this treatment. I have also raised my nitrates to 10 to help. I will know more in a couple days when I take the cover off.
  7. Sevitz5

    I’m battling what I believe to be Dino’s and other assorted algae......I don’t understand why. My tests I just did is, Ph 8.31, PO4 0.04, and NO3 10. Here is some background, my tank is 6 months old, I combined 2 biocubes when I set this 110 up. I have a sump with chaeto (that died at the start of this outbreak), I dose Alk, Ca, acropower, and Nopox. I have a BRS reactor that I run a combo of gfo and carbon. I use all rodi water, and my lights are the AI Hydra 26, and the Aquatic Life T5 Hybrid. My LED’s schedule is 8am to 11pm with a 5 hour peak. The T5 only runs for 2 hours right now, as I was acclimating the tank to the lights. At the start of this outbreak, my NO3 was zero.....so I turned off the Nopox, Acropower, and gfo.....I was told ultra low nutrients was the cause. Anybody that has battled Dino’s and won, tell me how you did it.....I’m getting very frustrated. Thanks
  8. Where did you get the 7” tube to replace the filter sock?
  9. Sevitz5

  10. Sevitz5

    I started with a stock JBJ RL20, and removed the sponge in the first chamber, so I could put in a 4” Filter cup. This allows me to add carbon, purigen, gfo, or anything else at any given time. I currently just use filter floss in it. In the center chamber, I installed a Bubble Magnus QQ2 skimmer and Marine Pure Spheres. Finally in the return chamber, I eliminated the stock pump and spray bar and installed a Sicce 1.5 pump plumber to the top of the water and used a 1/2” Locline setup. Inside the tank I installed a IceCap 1k Gyre. I have 2 AI Primes HD on it currently.
  11. Complete perfect shape. $200
  12. Sevitz5

    This was a display doser that wasn’t sold. It’s the gen 1. GHL reliability at a reduced cost $170
  13. Sevitz5

    Tonight’s pics
  14. Sevitz5

    All sold
  15. Where are you located? Would you be interested in selling the 7” filter sock eliminator?