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  1. Sevitz5

    I agree crimson, we shall see how it goes
  2. Sevitz5

    I agree. I like the idea of shipping more local at first
  3. Sevitz5

    Well I think I’m getting brave enough to try my first Coral shipment. I’m a little worried about the people out there buying.......being trustworthy as far as DOA and all. In the event that there is a problem that’s beyond my control (flight delays, driver error, etc) what am I responsible for? All of it? Any of it? What about shipping on a DOA.....do I eat shipping or is the shipping the buyers responsibility no matter what? Thanks
  4. Sevitz5

    Yes!!!!! I’m outgrowing my 110 fast lol
  5. Sevitz5

    I’m looking for a 6’x2’x2’ tank. Drilled or not is fine as long as it can be drilled.
  6. Sevitz5

    Do you happen to have any better pics?
  7. Sevitz5

    Anyone looking for some Green Slimer? I can cut some nice pieces. I need to thin this one back. Near Lima
  8. Sevitz5

    Sold, please close
  9. Sour Apple birdsnest almost the size of a football $100 Near Lima
  10. These are some of the best reactors made. It is like new and I’m only selling because I’m getting a bigger tank and need a medium one. The footprint is 4.75” and it’s 18” tall. It is currently still in my tank. $135
  11. How old is it and are you interested in any trades for frags?
  12. Do you still have the WAV?
  13. Sevitz5

    All sold please close
  14. Sevitz5

    All sold, please close