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  1. Sevitz5

    Yea it sold
  2. Sevitz5

    Last big Red planet sold to Jim. Both Oregon Torte left and 2 smaller ($40) Red Planet
  3. Sevitz5

    I’m going to be at CORA swap on Sunday if anyone is interested in these......let me know
  4. Sevitz5

    Well that sucks, I’m up by Lima and have to work all weekend
  5. Sevitz5

    Interested in a pc rainbow. Where you located?
  6. I have 3 Oregon Torte frags for $50 each 2 Red planet frags $40 each 2 Red planet mini colonies $50 each
  7. Sevitz5

    I hear ya, I got 4 Hydra26 HD on my 5’ tank that are less than a year old.... I too want to upgrade, but don’t need to. It’s more of a want issue. Lol
  8. Sevitz5

    Can I throw something in the mix? Look at the Orphek Atlantic V4. At $800 each you only need 2......a lot of the SPS guys online are praising them up as well as BRS review
  9. Large green slimers $30 ea Forest fire Digi $20 Located near Lima
  10. Sevitz5

    I am near lima
  11. Pink Hawaiian porcillapora $40 Blue Cali Torte $30 Green Stag $40 Rainbow milli $50 3 of the 4 have fully encrusted the plug. All super healthy with new growth. Can meet in Lima.
  12. Sevitz5

    Any update? I’m needing some Nudibranch