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  1. NoWaiAma

    You are correct. He said there are very hardy sps he has, but everything I read says they are the hardest to manage of the corals. Id definitely prefer my first starter corals to flow with the current. I do like the Duncan’s though. Just trying to find the right 2 to start with. Thanks
  2. NoWaiAma

    Have some seeded seachem matrix in the DT. Would it hurt my DT to pull and move to QT?
  3. NoWaiAma

    The filter is seeded. This tank fully cycled previously. I think ?
  4. NoWaiAma

    Current research says remove the rock. That’s the plan. Uncertainty is how it will affect the natural filtration
  5. NoWaiAma

    Over kill? 70% tank water. And more live rock I had cycling in this tank
  6. NoWaiAma

    Divers den. Live aquaria
  7. NoWaiAma

    Snowflake clowns in bound! yea yea I hear the grumblings “there’s more to life than clown fish” But for my wil nano I’d like the derpy things with personalities
  8. NoWaiAma

    Believe I’m in the clear for now. May of been an upside down astrea. Ain’t seen either of em.
  9. NoWaiAma

    Thank you. I’ll do that tonight when I get home. I had read to let it build a slime.
  10. NoWaiAma

    Nothing solid and super dark. Funnel is coated now and what it pulls is very green and smelly , water.
  11. NoWaiAma

    Second Red Sea test
  12. NoWaiAma

  13. NoWaiAma

    Ammonia still not zero. Hard to read the api. Waiting on Red Sea results currently. Dosed again with prime. This is really weird. Nitrite still 0. Used new tubes even
  14. NoWaiAma

    Likely not many? 2 fish. Both hiders.