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  1. NoWaiAma

    Meant to get pictures today for a before and after. As I expect some changes. Heading away from home for a bit over a month(hope to catch the swap). So today was a re hash of weekly bi weekly things for family to do. Again tank is a simple 28 AIO. But we know how it goes , what we notice In day to day would take someone not familiar with our tank a slew of tests. So wish me luck. Stock: 1 1/2” Niger trigger. Red fin fairy wrasse. 2 bonded black snowflake clowns. Yellow watchman Goby. Tiger pistol shrimp. 2 green and 1 red emerald crab. Myriad of snails and hermits. Trigger has a bone yard of shells. But I also caught my wrasse dragging a hermit around today. Green speckled nem. Orange burst/CS offshoot nem. Duncan, multitude of shrooms. 4 zoa colonies starting to grow off frags. 4 head hammer. A single blasto that always seems plump but not sure how they grow. Small micro acan colony. Bsck chanber full of sponges, a few asterina about but seem to be kept in check. Tank is pretty stable. Prolly on 8 months or so now? Ato sensers all cleaned and tested. Wish me luck I’ll post what I come home to.
  2. NoWaiAma

    Yea he’s back out today. Me being a bit hypersensitive I suppose after my massive rbta straight disappeared
  3. NoWaiAma

    Look closely. Weeks ago RBTA disappeared the same day the pic was taken with it on the wall with the clown in it.. Today this is my other nem hours after seeing fully open and plump. Not sure if it’s digesting? But it is fully buttoned up and shrunk. Water change was yesterday. No alarm bells with levels. No copper issue either (someone suggested testing that) I am clueless if this one goes the same route. Both were happy and plump and rarely walked around for well over a month
  4. NoWaiAma

    Hitting Gerbers up before I take off Monday if there’s a format you guys have for such things.
  5. NoWaiAma

    Can one still participate in the raffle if unable to go..
  6. NoWaiAma

    That’s what makes a forum. Discussion:). Welcome! Fellow kidnap victim
  7. I went a few days of my sophomore year. I drove my second car through the fence onto the football field. Lived on Schuyler
  8. I’m in Washington township// Kettering. PM what you’d like specific prices on or just shoot an offer. I’m here until Monday morning.
  9. NoWaiAma

    That is a freaking beautiful fish
  10. NoWaiAma

    Sounds good. I’ll be looking for some Duncan and hammers soonish. I don’t know anything about candy canes. Im still in the market for a skimmer for the 525XL. If you find the time and think it could work for me shoot me details on skimmers available. No rush.
  11. Heck yea. You slay your aptasia issue btw?
  12. NoWaiAma

    They’re gorgeous
  13. NoWaiAma

    Tank wise no. But deeper reading paints them as a hard fish to keep happy. Dosing is a ways off for me as is an apex for now. Cabinet should be up this weekend and rock is ready. I’ll likely fill and plumb when back in town. Add light skimmer etc as I go. Might as well get it wet though?
  14. NoWaiAma

    Details/pictures ?
  15. Marinedepot kick back could surely fund some small fun giveaways ?