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  1. NoWaiAma

    I wanna seeeeeee
  2. NoWaiAma

    Hey if you know how to build a manifold for me I’ll pay for it. Also snap your fingers and have my rock ready. Trust me I’m dying to get it up.
  3. NoWaiAma

    1- hoping to resolve a mix up from what I was told and what I received. 2- I have a ton of equipment to buy still. And I’m not even sure what models etc I’m getting yet. Goal is fish by February. Trying to sort scape now and get the rock cooking. But I’m not very handy.
  4. NoWaiAma

    Just have to show how amazingly this was packed. In its own wooden hinged crate. Was hoping to confirm V3 sump and V3 components as some are getting a mix of V2-V3. But will have to wait till can get help pulling it out. But wow. Amazing pack job. This glass is thiiiiiiiick
  5. NoWaiAma

    Oh. I won’t be posting my terrible pictures of my wil tank in there with the big boys lol
  6. NoWaiAma

    @Muttley000 the what? Here’s a night shot from yesterday. Most of the coral are closed for the night but the big fatty shroom is eating.
  7. NoWaiAma

    Where do I even start lol. Smaller pieces in a box. Side note good thing I ordered early. Everyone’s out. Thanks again @MarineDepot
  8. NoWaiAma

    Small update. Blue reef Chromis RIP. Don’t know where he went or how fast they cleaned him up but he’s gone. Everyone else is thriving and doing well. Hungry bastards. Always tons of snail eggs. Cleaner shrimp haven’t molted in a while so I’ll take that as a good sign. I replaced my powerhead with a MP10 mainly just to stop the salt creep mess I was getting over there. Trying to find the sweet spot and mode, Duncan opens up still but doesn’t seem as happy. @crimsonvice the sps doesn’t look like he’ll make it, tank ain’t there yet, parems seem on point. Zoas and softies continue to do well. Yuma swelling up nicely. This weeks excitement consisted of me lifting a rock to collect discarded shells, assume my wrasse was sleeping in there because after I put it back I saw him on the bed, front of tank. Pale white. I had never seen him at night before. And I thought him a goner. The net pissed him off and he latched onto it for a while in protest however. Fully colored ..now I know..
  9. NoWaiAma

    Here I am trying to figure out how my hermits keep getting 7” off the sand into my frag rack and y’all are getting scientific.
  10. NoWaiAma

    He found a spot. Aquatic life is insane. Absolutely insane.
  11. NoWaiAma

    Side note. My red shroom left its plug. Then a hermit pissed it off. I found it floating around in the current. Set it on a rock and he’s chilling. Any advice ?
  12. NoWaiAma

    Watching this yuma eat a shrimp (zoom in) while knocking my hermits off my zoas as they try to eat. I’m pretty much over the hermit thing. May try snail only in the 525. @crimsonvice your babies are popping in my tank!
  13. NoWaiAma

    Only own clear
  14. NoWaiAma

    I need a lens or something for pictures. Suggestions ?