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  1. NoWaiAma

    Ok. So another idiot absent minded mistake. I put my powerhead on feed mode (MP10) and unplug my returns when feeding (can’t wait for sump and automation). I did this yesterday after work. 7pm. As usually after I unplug I take my dog for a walk. Giving ample feed time. I realized I did not reconnect(plug in) until tonight. 7pm. When I saw my tank didn’t look happy. Fish moving very slow. Some corals acting odd. Tank was 72 degrees. Luckily no losses. Everything bouncing back rapidly as the warm water cycles in
  2. NoWaiAma

    Yes. Hardly any leaching now. It’s not live. Just no longer dry. Ready to start cooking it I think this week. With a very low power wavemaker. And it filled with rock. Will the salt dissolving be problematic ? That was my concern.
  3. NoWaiAma

    Suggestions? When I’m ready for salt. Best to empty and clean the can, pre mix and add? Or just re add rock. Top off with rodi and add salt until there ?
  4. NoWaiAma

    Thanks it’s coming along splendidly
  5. NoWaiAma

    It took a while. But the hammer or torch is showing nice coloration and a new head now. (Bottom left)
  6. NoWaiAma

    Looks really nice.
  7. NoWaiAma

    Nothin. Just stabilizing. Rarely test now. Keep up on water changes. Everything seems happy. Coral aren’t growing much since I offset my light but that’s ok. Everything healthy still. Addin a RBTA this week. Wish me luck. MP10 has been amazing.
  8. NoWaiAma


    There’s a Cleveland sunburst ? would you mind messaging me pics and prices or posting here ? Thanks
  9. NoWaiAma

    Lucky you. I’ve got 3 years of moldy school pizza in a can
  10. NoWaiAma

    Someone beat ya to it
  11. NoWaiAma

    Yup. Just research it and make sure ok with it. With how often and long I’m away I wanted additional safety
  12. NoWaiAma


    Looking to acquire a Rainbow/ Acid rain variant. Suggestions on websites or does anyone have some heads ? Not buying from LFS until they clean it up
  13. NoWaiAma

    Dry rock ? Keep an eye on the phosphates. Changing ro bath water in my tub for the third time this morning. Smeellllllllly
  14. NoWaiAma

    There will be an apex or other controller. But it will be the last thing purchased which makes it difficult