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  1. NoWaiAma

    Yea. 25$ entry. Sadly shipment of livestock is supposedly done for the year. So.. we’ll see if I ever get it
  2. NoWaiAma

    I was trading him with the clowns for a black widow. Theeeeeen I won one in a raffle. But yea that was the intent. I have no idea where he was. I had every single rock out. Combed over. No clue. Bastard
  3. NoWaiAma

    Road trip!
  4. NoWaiAma

    Can’t wait to see !
  5. NoWaiAma

    If you guys QT... my first fish for this tank... planning to start with 3 tangs at once. Man. You got my business other two. Black. and Convict. Wink wink
  6. NoWaiAma

    So I removed my snowflake clowns. Rehomed. Clarkii was way too aggressive to them. And I prefer her as she lives in the nems as opposed to swimming where I rarely see them. I also attempted to catch my trigger. I removed every. Single. Rock. Went over each with a flashlight. Moved to a bucket full of water. (Also did a 50% water change. Nitrate spike killed a lot of my coral,I think is the cause anyways) I even sat every single rock out for 2 minutes on a towel. I could not find this m’fer in any rock. So. Here’s the smug bastard and the Clarkii buried in a nem
  7. NoWaiAma

    I’ll be looking for an orange shoulder? Tang in a few months...
  8. NoWaiAma

    Hope so
  9. NoWaiAma

    Skimmer. I had one picked but then Red Sea dropped their. Waiting on reviews and prices. Also pushed back yet again. My check will be 50% this month. Not factoring Christmas. And I have nieces. FML
  10. NoWaiAma

    Why not show us all? Pm me too I guess please ?
  11. NoWaiAma

    I was wrecked by the flu bad. Missed out, including stuff already bookmarked. You’d think one would still be able to hold a phone and focus. Not this guy. I was dead
  12. NoWaiAma

    No clue. Maybe just random coral loss ?
  13. NoWaiAma

    Small update. Horrible pic. Won’t let me load vid. This B—— of a Clarkii decided to feed both of my cleaner shrimp to the nems. No. They weren’t molts. My snowflakes were due to their home days ago. But I’ve been down with the flue(never get the shot again) followed by an insane sinus infection as well as punishing days for how I dealt with them. She’s a meeeeeeean one. Schools with my wrasse strangely. But if I didn’t have a lid.. snowflake chips. Hope I get them out before bad things. That said. My hammer and nems are doing amazing. My Duncan doesn’t open up like it did. And I’ve lost a few fandoms. I haven’t changed any habits. Granted I haven’t tested as hardcore since just putting shoes on it trying right now. Do nems consume nutrients at a stupid rate or something ?
  14. NoWaiAma

    And just that quick. Clarky is in the nems
  15. NoWaiAma

    Gerbers. They finally cleaned up their tanks and have seemed to start entering the coral game also