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    Current plan is aquamaxx HOB 1.5 - skimmer. Tunze 3152 auto too off. AI prime HD light. Eheim auto feeder(work swing shift). EFlux wave pump kit w/remote. Hopefully I can find a mesh lid to assist in keeping dog hair out but haven’t seen any options. Any safe way to remove the rim plastic w/ tank already filled? Pic is pre ammonia spike. Mollies went back when ammonia hit .050. Supplementing with ammonia. Open to any and all suggestions/feedback.
  2. NoWaiAma

    And I have an asterina apparently. I think someone ate it. As I haven’t seen it since. Some other fun shots. Debating getting the clarkii a boyfriend.
  3. NoWaiAma

    Nems going on walks. Massive emerald crabs added. Happy fish all around. Some zoas haven’t made it while others have thrived massively. Lost a few heads on the Duncan during the Niger hunt, he ended up in poor lighting but is coming back nicely
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    Oh now your a thingie I can’t like. I see what’s going on here. Damn redcoats. But yea. Give that shiz a good schedule and hit go
  6. NoWaiAma

    My coral would be more pissed about the lack of light than the sudden abundance of it.
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    You’d be fine running it longer than 6hrs if so desired. I stick around a 10-12hr total cycle. Lunar is nice, you get to see all the scavengers in action
  9. NoWaiAma

    Mindful of the whites. You’ll see quicker algae growth running that high and long of whites. Take a peek at the programs on the fb page
  10. NoWaiAma

    When I’ve done lunar and storms. Only times I’ve seen alllllll of the hermits and peppermint shrimp. Also seems to be when the nems go for strolls. Even if returning. I like how it’s not consistent
  11. NoWaiAma

    They don’t deserve none anyways. Here on muttleyreef
  12. NoWaiAma

    Odd. Doesn’t let me like posts anymore
  13. NoWaiAma

    Once you’re in. Go to “files”. Tons of programs.
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  15. NoWaiAma

    Still messing with intensities. This is a pirates with added whites I want to say. The Facebook group has a ton of schedules/programs you can DL
  16. NoWaiAma

    Any better pictures ? I don’t know much about the difference in nems. But that fuzzy image looks similar to a widow? Just missing the mouth markings?
  17. NoWaiAma

    Nothing to compare it to. But I’m loving it. But I only keep zoas shrooms and anemones currently.
  18. NoWaiAma

    Mine have kept the aptasia at Bay (haven’t seen any new ones). But I thought then dead. Until I had to remove all of my rock. Very much alive. Maybe nocturnal? Very cool
  19. NoWaiAma

    Gerbers has recently restocked their rock bin. Worked great for my starter tank. Not many porous options in there. But there are also two other wet bins I didn’t sort through.
  20. Looking to sell brand new in box rsr 525xl w/v3 sump. And 2 MP40wqd and controllers. Some events have arisen. I’ll be gone for a while as soon as two weeks from now. Not selling at 50%. Looking for fair value considering all new in box. Message me offers if interested.
  21. NoWaiAma

    I demand puffer fish
  22. NoWaiAma

    Yea. 25$ entry. Sadly shipment of livestock is supposedly done for the year. So.. we’ll see if I ever get it
  23. NoWaiAma

    I was trading him with the clowns for a black widow. Theeeeeen I won one in a raffle. But yea that was the intent. I have no idea where he was. I had every single rock out. Combed over. No clue. Bastard
  24. NoWaiAma

    Road trip!