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  3. gwentworth

    Does anyone have some up for grabs??? I wish I had something to trade but definitely willing to pay a reasonable price.......
  4. gwentworth

    where are you located in Lebanon?
  5. gwentworth

    Thanks but a little far to travel for it but thanks again
  6. gwentworth

    good to know..... I am in Cincy but work in Newport
  7. gwentworth

    Does anyone have a used skimmer they want to part with? It’s for a 55 gallon tank with 2 clowns and 2 yellow tail dams, I also have a small zoa frag, ginger leather and Xenia in the tank.
  8. gwentworth

    Newbie to the forum..... only up a month and a half. Slow progression.... more to send.
  9. gwentworth

    I pulled my rock out of the tank, put drops of lemon juice on it and then I hit it with super glue. I let it set out for a few hours in a separate container before returning to the tank. no signs of any new Aptasia thus far. Oh and don't not pour any of the container water into the tank in case a spore popped off.
  10. gwentworth

    thanks and yes!!!
  11. gwentworth

    am in Mount Airy But I work in Newport, KY..... I would not mind the trip
  12. gwentworth

    I am in Mount Airy But I work in Newport, KY..... I would not mind the trip
  13. gwentworth

    Cincinnati area!!!!
  14. gwentworth

    I just setup my sump after some repairs and now using the mid section as a Refugium, I have some LR rubble in it but I am looking for some chaeto if someone is getting rid of clippings. 5134878698