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  1. I know, just wanted to harass you
  2. gwentworth

    I like the 2 blue’s
  3. gwentworth

    no problem.... am I expecting you today?
  4. Do we need any event volunteers? I want to be apart of the event but not as a vendor.
  5. gwentworth

    @crimsonvice Have you completed Cincy.... I can help if needed....
  6. gwentworth

    I can do 2, 1- L and 1- XL
  7. gwentworth

    Thanks Jesse
  8. gwentworth

    Yes, total up time 6 months but 1 month since I moved.
  9. gwentworth

    So 1 month after the move and it’s slowly but surely getting there. More rock and a head that I am hoping will be overtaken by coralline but if not, at least my wife feels she is apart of the hobby. Tell me what you think and if there is something I can improve.......
  10. gwentworth

    Sorry, it is with a heavy heart but I have to say he is in the big tank in the sky. He jumped out of my tank.
  11. gwentworth

    Let me know when and I’ll come get it or if it’s easier to drop by my job, then we can do that as well. I need to rehome a clown, do you know anyone who may want it?
  12. gwentworth

    Brandon, can I get a small ball of chaeto, after the move I lost the other wad.
  13. gwentworth

    Looking for chaeto in Cincy, who is ready to prune???