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  1. gwentworth

    Welcome home!
  2. gwentworth

    When you be back in the nati?
  3. gwentworth

  4. gwentworth

    Is there anyone close to Cincinnati that has frags or going to or willing to frag a frogspawn? I am looking to add to my tank. How much if so.........
  5. 55 gallon tank with stand and canopy for sale or trade. I upgraded to a 75 and built a stand. I am asking $175 but the price is very negotiable or tell me what you got to trade. Last pic is of my 75. I am looking for lights or a skimmer or ps3 & some cash.
  6. gwentworth

    The Reef shop is nice
  7. gwentworth

    Omg I’m sorry, that’s to far out for me today
  8. gwentworth

  9. gwentworth

    If so, I need a bigger sump, I have a 75 gal on a 10 gallon sump. Do you mind donating???
  10. gwentworth

    Free as in no charge?
  11. gwentworth

    I am looking for lighting
  12. gwentworth

  13. gwentworth

    To funny
  14. gwentworth

    I wanna send a special thanks to Crimsonvice.... he definitely hooked me up with some GSP and I couldn’t be happier because I got a gorgeous neon orange Zoa as well and it definitely makes my tank pop! I highly suggest reaching out to him for frags.
  15. gwentworth

    How much per pound?