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  1. euphylin me

    I'm still working on some pricing, I didn't want to have a lower quality polo/shirt
  2. euphylin me

    nice! looks good....what do you think of the light so far?
  3. euphylin me

    I'm there on Saturday! I'll try and remember to bring it
  4. euphylin me

    totally forgot to tell you! i had some biomax that ive been running in that tank and i kept it in a bucket of saltwater to keep the bacteria, if you want it you can have it!
  5. euphylin me


    Hey, welcome to buckeye reef!
  6. euphylin me

    Oh no I was just saying alot of people call the 3-5 month mark the "uglies" lol. As in a phase it goes through
  7. euphylin me

    1st off, thanks for your service! And yea relearning sucks, I took 2 years off and got back into it a few months ago. Is the guitar in the picture a prs se?. Btw sorry to get side tracked @Craig lol, tank is looking good, the "uglies" will go away in a couple months
  8. euphylin me

    No way! I play too! We need to jam soon, always looking for people to play with
  9. euphylin me

    What skimmer is that?
  10. euphylin me

    that shroom is sweet!
  11. euphylin me

    another good method is to take a pasta strainer and keep the nem and the clownfish in the strainer. make sure there is enough flow and light to sustain a nem normally but within the strainer. i have done this before and it has worked great...only took about a week. i have also heard of the picture method
  12. euphylin me

    We would be happy to see you again!
  13. euphylin me

    @XBoxxyX thanks for the kind words and I'm happy we were worth your drive! We definitely appreciate you stopping in. If there's anything we can get for you let us know! You're always welcome, even if it's to just to relax and talk about the hobby!
  14. euphylin me

    Can't beat the prices....plus $100 in store credit! Great deals but hurry up, supplies are limited!