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  1. euphylin me


    great that he is doing better! just know, i would plan a bigger tank in less than a year. He will probably need at least a 75reg in that time. its not necessarily about the water volume as it is the length of the tank. you could get a 300g tank, but if it is a cube, it likely wont be good enough.
  2. euphylin me

    Hey! I fully support what you are doing. I co-own a saltwater/reef store here in Toledo. I would be more than interested in helping promote your product as well as buy some from you. Pm me and hopefully we can work something out (I'm relatively young as well (24)! It may be a good idea since Toledo is very close to Perrysburg and we may be able to help get your name out before the swap even starts!
  3. euphylin me


    without setting up a qt you are pretty limited on what youre able to do. selcon and garlic would be your best option along with new life spectrum a+
  4. euphylin me


    i dont mean any offense but a 32 gallon is wayy to small for a hippo tang, especially a cube. likely why he got ich in the first place. i would keep feeding garlic and maybe pick up some selcon. i hope he makes i through but if both of the fish dont make it, you will have to go fallow for 6-8 weeks
  5. euphylin me


    what size tank? and is it possible to put a small tank under the current tank?
  6. euphylin me


    hippos stress very easily, you would literally need to set up a qt tank for 6-8 weeks to house the fish before they go into the main tank. you may get lucky and have the hippo tang fight it off but its not very likely. where are you located?
  7. euphylin me


    is this in a reef tank? do you have any inverts? if its a fish only, i would use cupramine
  8. euphylin me

    oh, yea it looks fine! I looked up some photos online and it looks identical
  9. euphylin me

    this is great!
  10. euphylin me

    i dont know why i thought it was so funny you called it a "gateway coral". It makes me picture some guy opening a trench coat filled with corals
  11. euphylin me

    i know with alot of the hang ons there is a little valve on the pump that controls flow, maybe the valve is all the way shut? what exactly is wrong with it?
  12. euphylin me

    Awesome! Unfortunately we haven't placed an order yet
  13. euphylin me

    i need to make some baffles for my sump so my skimmer has a consistent water level. the sump i got, the guy cut two of the baffles out
  14. euphylin me

    You could also add some phosguard to see if that helps. I know they feed off of silicates(and a few other things)
  15. euphylin me

    Does anyone have any plans for their tank this weekend? Upgrading stuff, new members, re-aquascaping,etc.? -i think i am probably going to move a few things around and potentially pick up a new fish or two along with some inverts!