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  1. np in my post i edited it to say "isnt a huge difference" lol i didnt mean to say it is a huge difference.
  2. no worries and as far as maintenance route. i wouldnt say it isnt a huge difference. if you set it up to really control nitrates and phosphates you dont necessarily need to do huge water changes. at that size, dosing will be what is recommended as water changes arent effecient or practical. at the 120g mark thats normally the verge of water changes vs dosing but at 200+ i would do the dosing route depending on what you are trying to keep. now the price for running a tank that size will obviously be greater (electricity consumption)
  3. yea im not sure which route i want to go but 5g buckets are getting old lol
  4. literally same happened to me! i bought 2 clowns and neither made it through the acclimation process but they are for sure trying to make it right. dont worry!
  5. i agree with everyone above. id re silicone them just to be safe. i would especially not trust them if they had some sun exposure too. long story short, re-do the seals and youll feel alot more confident
  6. yea i thought i read somewhere that overtime the grey brute cans can leach stuff into the water and the white ones are the way to go
  7. @Jesse just figured it out last week lol thanks and it was nice to meet you too!
  8. im thinking about going with a brute but i have heard it isnt as "reef safe" as people claim it is. what is your experience with them?
  9. yep i always get box. then i use the slide in bag clips that really seal it off. it has worked for the regular instant ocean but the reef crystals used to clump up on me
  10. euphylin me

    TDS Meter?

    didnt you say you get water from an lfs? you would have to go with a handheld one then
  11. euphylin me

    TDS Meter?

    i use the dual inline hm tds meter...i think it was like $25 bucks https://www.amazon.com/Line-Monitor-0-9990-Readout-Accuracy/dp/B001EHAZGW/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=inline%2Btds%2Bmeter&qid=1553037677&s=hi&sr=1-1&th=1 i like the inline ones as it lets me know when to replace my ro membrane vs di resin
  12. Not going to comment on that one I'll add it to dbtc when I get some more polyps!
  13. What is the coolest or funniest named zoa/paly? these dont have to be your favorite, it could just be the funniest name mine is "blue alien orgasm" (which i just picked up at the frag swap)
  14. Don't worry....I'll have some more stuff for you when my frags grow out!
  15. Nice! Yea of my cyano gets out of control I will probably go this route next!
  16. go to the buckeye reef frag swap and then look under "listings". if you want to reserve items, make sure you click attending and are logged in
  17. i do see the german flag in the back lol. german flag...disney theme.....something seems to be oddly correlated
  18. ahhh.....going with the mickey mouse themed QT i see...nice!
  19. im going to pass out tickets and just pocket 50 of them for myself.....nothing suspicious to see here...move along
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