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  1. TomC1966

    Ok everyone is out of main tank and in a 55 gallon quarentine tank. Started off with a 50% dose of Cupramine today. Will add another quarter dose in 2 days and then final dose on 5th day to get to full dose of .5. Gonna be a while before anybody goes back in main tank. Will never make the mistake of adding a fish to main tank early. They will stay in quarantine for a full month from now on. Lost a a purple fire fish (culprit) and a damsel and a clown. Hoping it stops there and i can salvage the rest. Thank you all for the advice and help!!!
  2. TomC1966

    55 gallon. But eel is 8 inches. Biggest fish i have is 4 inch blue eye cole tang. Everything else is smaller. So 55 should be ok for quarentine period. That blue tang in pic is 2 inches maybe 2 1/4 inches.
  3. TomC1966

    Never used copper before. But can figure it out i guess. Suggestions would be good. Am pulling fish to quarentine tsnk. What sbout inverts in tsnk? Snails hermits anemones? They safe? From this? What about Snowflake eel ? Flame angel blue eye tang tomini tang sailfin tang damsels and ocellaris clowns
  4. TomC1966

    Had him for over a month.
  5. TomC1966

    He is swimming fine breathing fine not scraping on rocks or sand but i did pull him and put him in quarantine tank
  6. Please look at the picture of my Blue Tang. What is on it. I am thinking velvet. Was not this way this morning. Treatment??
  7. So I learned a valuable lesson 3 days ago. NEVER hold a container of small fish pellets over your tank while feeling. Slipped out of my hand and lost 3/4 of a new container in the tank. Huge ammonia spike. Thank god I had another tank up and running I was able to pull the fish out and put them in that tank. l got as much of the food off the sand as I could but it got into the rocks and a lot went down the skimmer and into the sump. Did a 50% water change when I saw the ammonia going up yesterday afternoon. But even after all that the Ammonia still spiked up to between 1.0 and 2.0 from 0 and just wondering how long it may take to calm back down. I dosed with more bacteria after the water change hoping the extra bacteria would help get rid of it. Ammonia has not gone any higher and that reading was as of this morning at 6:30. Thoughts on how long it may take to recover?
  8. TomC1966

    Systems and network admin
  9. Not in Columbus much. But thank you very much for the offer.
  10. Has anyone ever used this product? https://arcreef.com/product/coralline-algae/?gclid=Cj0KCQiAxZPgBRCmARIsAOrTHSY3RSpCWX4p812tHp-m4HCVvEHxLftC9rMvn7tC3JPDLx4-_FZeQssaAmLuEALw_wcB Made by ARC Reef. Reviews seem good but I wanna hear from Buckeye Reef Members and hear your results. Says one bottle per 50 gallons and you can not overdose your tank. I would really like to get a batch of Coralline going in this tank a little sooner. I know some of you will say I will end up hating the purple stuff. I have one rock with it on it in my tank. Bought it separate from all my other rock. How fast will it spread out to the other rocks? Thanks
  11. Looking for 2 to 4 ocellaris or percula clown. Prefer younger but not tiny. Need to be about an inch long or real close. Just standard ones nothing fancy needed. Trying to keep price down.
  12. TomC1966

    Down here in Cincinnati from a private individual. He sells out of his home. Has some really great stuff. Has his rock tanks set up in the basement.
  13. TomC1966

    Muttley000 Yes he buys the coral dry and then cleans it thuroughly then he puts it in a tank and brings it back to life. He guarentees no pests and controls his tanks very closely. This last 4000 lbs load he bought came from a construction project in the keys from dry land and was not harvested from the ocean. He cleans it all and then cures it.
  14. TomC1966

    Muttley000 tell me what you think.
  15. TomC1966

    Buk i am gonna put guards on the head.