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  1. only the three of us ….shows were special I guess :)...I plan on getting to hotel around 4ish today......where do you 2 want to meet to get your shirts?
  2. gonna start packing when hubby gets up <he works afternoon shift> and head out around 1pm ….look to be there around 4....excited to see you all there
  3. In honor of the expo coming up can I see pictures of everyone’s tanks with a couple pictures included of your star attractions...make sure to let me know what I’m looking at
  4. APrince62

    Spotted Mandarin

    What makes this fish hard to care for?
  5. APrince62

    Flame Angelfish

    Everytime I see one at lfs ive got to remind myself that it is not on my list of approved fishes
  6. APrince62

    New fish

    Well they’re tiny and phone takes lousy water shots but they’re OPEN!!!! Only took 2 weeks
  7. APrince62

    New fish

    YAYYYYYY.....my zoas are open .....yippppeeeeee....... I’m so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. PS.....do I have to do anything special for anything on my reservation list...or do I just take care of it at expo?....sorry never done this
  9. small list...wolverine,fire and ice and scrambled egg zoas and a couple hammers
  10. APrince62

    New fish

    Yes my scooter is eating frozen food ...I turn off my water mover for about 10 minutes when I feed to make sure some hits bottom....watch him get 3 or 4 bites then turn it back on ...he will still grab bites as they move past him so hes doing good. Sorry heres some pics....Nothing special like all you guys but I like my little piece of the ocean and both stores were putting an order in for next week including the fish I wanted
  11. APrince62

    New fish

    Just checking in with an update. Made a trip to 2 LFS today and only came home with 2 snails, a nacirrius and a tiger conch....he’s fun to watch. I went looking for a yellow watchman goby and/or a Coral Beauty. Neither store had either one.....so I will go check again in 2 weeks. But before that is the expo!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!! There I will hopefully find a relatively cheap torch and/or hammer and a few zoas. My frag from LEAR seems to be ok ....I just can’t get it to open. Of coarse I did have my lights off for 4 days to try and kill off the brown algae invasion. Loving my scooter blenny.....he seems to be eating well. My cleaner shrimp has molted again.....that’s third time in just over a month.....hope that means he’s growing and healthy. And my 3 bratty damsels are doing just fine also. While I probably shouldn’t have got them they do add nice color to my tank and I’m happy with that for now.
  12. She will get sizes needed.....I think 3 x
  13. Last call.....daughter needs orders no later than next Monday if you want them in time......here’s the finished product....let me know ...I have no one on list at this point
  14. APrince62


    Well I decided to move my new zoas to the main DT....did this one day before yesterday.....seems ok just not opening. The other one I decided to move today and wellllll ….the hole I chose to put frag plug in wasn't right size to hold it so plug fell down between 2 pieces of rock....ooops ...guess I will never know if it makes it or not ...it didn't look as healthy as this one so glad it was one I lost to tank bottom.....and who knows it may like it down there. Anyone else lose anything by dropping into unreachable crevices?
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