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  1. APrince62

    Thank you ......I found an old, old thread with lots and lots of pictures that gave me some ideas
  2. APrince62

    I am almost ready to order my lights....I am looking at variations of the "black boxes" . I was gonna get the pones that fit across the top pf the tank but then I remembered I have the protein skimmer on one side so I cant do that. My hubby can mount but will need to see pictures of what I want him to do. If any of you have pictures of how you mounted your lights will you please share with me in order to have something to show him Thanks
  3. APrince62

  4. APrince62

    Nothing wrong that I know of yet....just wondered if I put it together right
  5. APrince62

    first 5 gallons of water are in....only 14 more buckets to go
  6. APrince62

    picture didn't come through
  7. APrince62

    Its aquascape time!!!!!!!!!!!! Sooooo I don't follow the rules of landscaping...im more to the everything is equal layout Does this look like it would work...I know I have to move the front right corner back a bit to be off glass but will the arches work ok?
  8. APrince62

    cannot find "black box" lights on amazon.....is this similar? https://www.amazon.com/Roleadro-Aquarium-Freshwater-Saltwater-Galaxyhydro/dp/B077JP7M5D?keywords=black+box+aquarium+led+lights&qid=1547412383&sr=8-5&ref=sr_1_5
  9. APrince62

    Yes finally at that point LOL I know patience is the key.....thank goodness I have my 120 FW tank to take the edge off my fish addiction :). Gonna start aquascaping after dinner,,,,,will post pictures after
  10. APrince62

    24 in deep...whats the minimun wattage I should look for?
  11. APrince62

    Im sorry to be a pain today but I never realized you had to be a rocket scientist in order to set up an aquarium....what is it with no one including step by step directions anymore??? I think I have this set up properly ….does anyone see anything obviously wrong with it? I am hanging it on side rather than back because it will be easier for me to get to on the side. not sure how to run cord out of tank yet
  12. APrince62

    any feed back on these? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00GFTQDQK/?coliid=I3PRZYHFQH0ZND&colid=HHUXL1GM4OJG&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it
  13. APrince62

    Was told to rinse rocks before use.....salt water rinse or freshwater rinse? Also ….when making salt water should water be at certain temp BEFORE adding salt.....my waters pretty cold coming out of RO/DI tank....58 degrees......I have heater in now ...should I wait to add salt?
  14. APrince62

    I do have live sand
  15. APrince62

    I am ready to do my next order which will include lights for my 75 G aquarium. I had planned on a FOWLR tank but then you all got me looking at coral pics and ive decided at some point down the line I will want a Zoa garden there are just so many beautiful color combinations out there....so with that in mind ...what is going to be my most economical light to see me through the long haul? tank is 3 ft long by 36 in deep and 18 in wide Also what should I be looking at for a cover or do I go coverless?