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  1. DustingrahamRRA

    I would like to donate three of our 32 oz. bottles of phytoplankton. I’m thinking it would be better to bring it the day of to preserve it
  2. Responsible Reef Aquaculture's phyto, pods and daphnia are on there for reservation! I'm glad this got put up!
  3. At this point it is just me. My school doesn't really get involved with things like this but I do take college classes through Butler Tech for Domestic and International business.
  4. Thank you so much for your consideration! I am very thankful for the thought. Luckily, we got our own table. Be sure to stop by and see us, I love meeting everyone that supports my mission.
  5. DustingrahamRRA

    Good News! We got a booth! I can't wait to meet all of you and see for myself an amazing group of people that love this hobby as much as I do!
  6. Responsible Reef Aquaculture Premium Aquacultured Phytoplankton Product Information Three species include: -Nannochloropsis gaditana -Tetraselmis sp -Isochrysis galbana Recommendations and Additional Info: Responsible Reef Aquaculture’s blend of three species of phytoplankton was grown on a 14-hour photo period each day for 8 days. F/2 fertilizer was used at F strength, so in other words, they contain many macro and trace elements without the use of fertilizers that contain copper. It is best to shake each bottle each day to prevent the cells from settling at the bottom of the bottle. This could lead to the cells dying and rotting. If the bottle smells of ammonia, do not use! The shelf life is approximately 3 months if kept in a refrigerator. Add 5 ml per 10 gallons 3 times per week for the first week. Increase by 2-4 ml each week for three weeks, then adjust as needed. Pick up in Hamilton, Ohio or free delivery in or near 45011 if order is 40 dollars or more. Please visit us on Facebook and on our forum under general discussion! Prices 8 oz Bottle: $10.00 16 oz Bottle: $15.00 32 oz Bottle: $20.00
  7. DustingrahamRRA

    Thanks for the suggestion, I didn’t know that existed.
  8. DustingrahamRRA

    Not yet that's a top priority at the moment. That's on the long list of stuff I can't afford at the moment lol.
  9. I checked those sites out but didn’t see ours on there. I will check again to be sure.
  10. DustingrahamRRA

    At the current moment They are cultured together (The phyto strains) But when I gain some funding I will be doing individual strains for those who have that preference. The phyto is grown in acrylic tubes with a spout on the bottom with an open ended airline at the bottom to keep it circulating. It is under lighting a 18 hour photo period. The pods (Tisbe and Tig) carry the name "TNT" pods as I notice population "explosions" with them when I feed them the phyto blend. They are cultured together as well in 10 gallon tanks I keep going in case of crash. I will be doing both rotifers and amphipods both individually and as a part of my upcoming product "Jar'd Refugium". Shipping is in the plans, but I still need more business to be able to afford both a website and the initial cost of buying shipping supplies. I'll most likely use shipmyaquatics to get shipping prices low enough to be economical. But thank you for the support and interest, and if you think of anything else, please let me know!
  11. DustingrahamRRA

    Alright I'd be happy to hear them!
  12. The swap meet or products from my business?
  13. I started one over in general discussion! Thanks for the idea!