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  1. Keithw283

    Took my rock out of the tank and am starting from scratch with the scape. I'm going to have to recycle the tank but I would like to hopefully get this right the first time especially since I want to have this thing bursting with coral so I have to have nice spots to put them. I have some ideas but I'm pretty busy over the next few days so I'm not sure when it'll actually get done. I got this done this morning though and it'll go on the right side of the tank. I have a PVC pipe I cut to 18" that I'm going to use to make a tall tower and archway whenever I get the chance.
  2. Keithw283

    I still have all these rocks and no idea what to do with them. I took all the rocks out and put them on the paper and carefully thought out how to scape the tank and this is all I got lol. Going to go to bed for the day and get back to it later.
  3. Keithw283

    Thanks! I'll probably be going through the members tanks section over the next couple days and steal all of your guys' hard work lol
  4. Keithw283

    I ended up putting a ball valve on the drain lines and played with it until it was silent. Now, do you guys have any tips to the least creative person on creating a good aquascape? This wasn't my attempt at and aquascape (although I must admit that clump of bs on the right was) I just wanted to see how much rock I actually had. There are a few more pieces not in the picture.
  5. Keithw283

    actually, Would I just be able to put something like Erik has on it and put a pvc pipe on the 90 to make it 6" below the water?
  6. Keithw283

    I put a large sump in for that reason. I have about 45-50 gallons of water that I can drain down and be okay
  7. Keithw283

    It definitely makes sense. I'm gonna have to cut my drain pipe down. I originally cut it to only be about an inch or two below the water.
  8. Keithw283

    Do I need 6 inches in between if the water line is just below the emergency drain pipe? Or would like 2 or 3 inches work?
  9. Keithw283

    I would need a street 90 to connect the other 90 to it which I dont have here so I'll go to home depot and just get the t. Thanks for your help. I'm upstairs in my room and I can here it a little lol
  10. Keithw283

    Do I need the hole drilled in there too? If so, above or below the water level?
  11. Keithw283

    Straight pipes
  12. Keithw283

    That's how they look in both overflows
  13. Keithw283

    It's going slow but it is going. Unfortunately, I can't get a good picture with the lights on with my phone. The water is cloudy because I mixed the sand a bit trying to even it out but you can see about halfway through in person. You can actually see the rocks I have in there. This is the first time I've had my return pump on, my drains draining and the first time I've hooked up my skimmer. up until today there wasn't any water in the overflows at all. my drains are loud as hell. I have a herbie setup with my plumbing. A 3/4" and 1" pipe in each overflow as a drain. The 3/4" pipe is about 1/2" below the water level while the 1" is currently above the water level. Should I raise the water level to the 1" pipe? Will that quiet it down?
  14. Keithw283

    never even heard of them but I definitely love this one. I know they are tougher to keep all the parameters stable than the bigger tanks. I started with a 20G and has a rough start for sure. https://www.waterboxaquariums.com/product/waterbox-silver-marine-aio-28-2-frag-plus/
  15. Keithw283

    I don't want to be talked out of it! Just wanted to let you guys know the plan haha. The plan is to go broke