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  1. RMMKD0

    No water yet. I flushed my rodi unit yesterday and I’ll be making water to get my cycle started
  2. RMMKD0

    So this will be my second tank build. My first was a 40g breeder tank that I neglected after about 2 years. I ended up tearing it down when I moved. Now that I’m in my new house and I got that itch again. So I decided I’d do a nano tank this time and picked up a c-vue 18g tank and stand. The lighting will be an ai prime (non hd) I have a tunze 3152 nano for ato and a Aqua gadget 5g reserviour. My plan for the tank is mostly LPS and some zoas, I don’t think I’ll do any SPS due to not running a skimmer or refugium. My plan is to do 3g water changes weekly for nutrient export. I’m going to run bare bottom and dry rock so my cycle may take longer then I want to wait, but I want to take my time and do things right. More pics to come
  3. RMMKD0

    Thanks guys. I’m planning on going bare bottom for this tank. I’m kinda torn because with an 18 gallon tank I’d love to have a shrimp goby pair but without the sand I don’t think that would be smart
  4. RMMKD0

    Yes I already have one just wasn’t on in the picture.
  5. RMMKD0

    Definitely putting a helfrichi firefish and was thinking maybe a pink line wrasse or possum wrasse. Nothing set in stone tho
  6. do you think I’d be ok making my rodi water and storing it in my garage. It is attached to my house if that matters. Or should I cut one of my pex water lines in my basement and add a tee.
  7. RMMKD0

    My names Bob, I just joined today. Found this group from r2r I’m looking forward to getting to know you all. I started my first saltwater tank about 4 yrs ago, a 40 breeder. Took it down when we sold our house I’ve been without a tank for the last 7-8 months and decided to start a new one so my girlfriend bought me a c-vue 18g aio tank for Xmas. I’m just about ready to start my cycle and excited to dive back into the hobby.