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  1. This is not my picture but is exactly what it looked like. I fished it out and tossed it in the trash cause I was scared it would create havoc with water quality but from reading I think it may have been a molt. Suppose that is the only thing that explains it...
  2. 1st Mystery of the tank. So I woke up this morning and as my tank lights woke up and started to light up it revealed something I was somewhat expecting but sad to see. As my tank is now pretty much rid of visible algae I figured some of the snails and hermits would start to starve. So without too much suprize, I saw a little chunk of meat floating around the bottom of the tank and after scooping it out I could see the little legs on it revealing the death of one of the 2 hermit crabs that I put in. So, I went to hunt down the shell to remove it as I have read, this could release all kinds of nutrients into the water that would be bad. To my amazement I found BOTH hermit grab shells occupied. WTF? Where did this 3rd dead crab come from? I started with dry rock and only added 2 hermits total. Do they split? Break off? I mean, wtf?
  3. Just a quick update a little over a month in. The cleanup crew is doing well and has the tank cleaned up real nice. No sign of the diatoms anymore and the rockwork is looking pretty again. I still haven’t added any fish but I have been feeding mysys to the tank still. Hopefully I can make the time to grab the fish soon but until then, clean tank picture.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5y8Ng3eiDA&feature=youtu.be
  5. So within the past hour or two, these two guys have ended up locking up together and every few minutes the shells will bang together fairly rapidly for 10-15 seconds.
  6. Maybe the winner was announced already and i missed the cut off. Lol
  7. Tried to share it and comment but it keeps saying error.. Anyways, looks awesome!
  8. I’m not a Gibson player myself, but I know they are wonderful guitars. Once I found this evertune bridge I dont think I can ever go back.
  9. @crimsonvice: Not a gigging band. I just make youtube video's and grab different musicians to throw down some tracks on. I call it Metal Collaborations. haha.. Just a way to get my rock star on without impacting the family life. It's also a way for me to learn how to record and produce music and video's. I record bands from time to time but I try not to make it into a job as to keep it a fun hobby. @euphylin me: Is that a custom pro? It's perdy!
  10. Writing/recording/shooting/producing metal. \m/
  11. Maybe my lack of readable nitrates is directly proportional to my choice of 2.5lbs of rock per gallon?? Lol
  12. My plan is to aquire a pair from JP Success as I understand them to be an awsome local breeder.
  13. Dosing what? Think I’m ready for the 2 clowns or wait?
  14. Well, All the inverts seem to be alive and well. They are attacking the brown algae stuff pretty decent and cleaning stuff up. However my water parameters have me stumped. I have been feeding the tank a small pinch of frozen mysis every couple of days and would expect to see some nitrates going on but still showing 0..
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