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  1. Lol I'll be checking out some of your cheap frags. Already have a few coming from you.
  2. It will end like the original Batman
  3. I know you were pointing at my name when you said that
  4. I believe Dr Tim states, if ammonia or nitrite get above 5 ppm, to do a water change to get them low. 2 ppm shouldn't be a problem. I used the bottled bacteria as well and I was good to go within a week. One thing to remember is a bare bottom tank takes longer to cycle than a tank with sand. One thing that makes me nervous about bottled bacteria this time of year is the cold. If the bacteria freeze they die. I doubt that is the issue but it's a concern I have with bacteria in winter. All in all I would say just give it some more time. I've read in various forums where people will be stuck in a cycle then everything starts dropping quick.
  5. I agree. He can't win when I just won. I don't know why, but I couldn't delete that quote. The only way I could get rid of it was to post it.
  6. Deftones2015

    Favorite Zoas

    So far I would say the Rasta zoas.
  7. Deftones2015

    Frag swap 2019

    Pink lemonade and shades of fall we're my favorite when I had my 75 set up, along with the purple monster. I will have them again one day.
  8. Or make it a sticky. I seen it the other day when I was bored at work browsing around.
  9. You have some great pieces up. Now that I know who you are, I'll have to send you a message about a few once my reef budget builds back up lol. And I get more space.
  10. Looks like it's time for someone to set up a frag tank lol
  11. I used to do that with my fox face rabbitfish years ago.
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