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  1. Wanted a torch but couldn’t find one that I liked enough.
  2. Now that it’s over what did everyone buy? I myself bought 5 frags of zoas and a shroom. Bought a few dry goods as well. Didn’t get into the raffles sadly. But I couldn’t stay till the end.
  3. Figure id ask here before buying. Want a bit more flow in the tank so if anyone has a small Powerhead and will be at the expo please let me know.
  4. What’s your cut off time? The torch has me interested I may reserve a piece. Just want to give it some thought first.
  5. JeffInOhio

    GB Master Krakatoa

    Are those yours? Those are really cool.
  6. Added some zoas and a ricordia today. Also purchased a bi color dottyback but he’s being shy and hiding in the rock currently. Edit: sorry for the crappy photos. It’s a phone and I’m no photographer. I promise they are colorful and seem to be opening rather quickly.
  7. I’m using the master kit and so far I can’t complain, the tests seem pretty accurate to me so far. I’ve never used this api brand as I’ve used Salifert mostly in my reefing past. I’m confident in the results and plan on stocking it tomorrow with a fish, couple snails, and maybe a small frag of zoas. The Hannah testers look like a winner, I’m guessing I’ll probably ween myself off this current kit and replace with the Hannah testers. ive used these before with good success. Well under 100 dollars. https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/red-sea-marine-care-test-kit.html
  8. Free admission to the expo? How do I go about getting that? Not that I’m trying to be cheap or anything.
  9. Came last night and have it up and running. The shimmer affect with the led's is a bit much for my taste. I need to find a fix to get this angled or possibly sit a bit lower in the water. On the positive side my tests are coming in good. I'm getting critters and some tube worms starting to show themselves. If i can have the ammonia to 0 for consecutive days i should be good to go.
  10. I’ve read good and bad as well. Hopefully I have no issues.
  11. Goodies arrived today. The middle chamber basket came. Added about a pound of rubble to the bottom and a bag of carbon on the top for now. Cheato will occupy the center once i can get my hands on some. Decided to try the Cobalt heater as well. Smaller form factor to fit in the return chamber. Fits perfect. Nice little unit.
  12. Filter floss on top. Chemi pure in the second and maybe more floss on the bottom? I dunno yet. I ended up ordering the second media basket today. I plan on turning that into a mini fuge. Using some rubble and cheato most likely There are 2 Pi's there. I installed a DAChat on the top one with the red board. Im planning on turning that into a stereo for the house. The bottom one may become a game emulator sometime. If i don't find a use for it otherwise Or sell it.
  13. That made me chuckle. Kylo is way to whiney for me.
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