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    Odd Pairing or ?

    As of this morning they are still together, no idea what the deal is.
  2. I have a devils hand and I’m pretty sure that’s what you have too. Mine seems to like medium to heavy random flow. They expand and shrink a lot as well as shed and the flow helps to remove everything. Might help.
  3. Right. I still keep some to add to the food or tank water at times just as a little boost.
  4. Every now and then I see him nip at one of their mantles but never seems to hurt them or any other corals for that matter. Clams have all been in there with him for about a year now and so far so good.
  5. I tried one years ago that was a hitchhiker in some live rock and given to me by a friend and it did fine for a week or so until it escaped its tank somehow and dried up. People thinks eels are the escape artists! Lol

    Sea Cucumber

    I started with a tiger tail that has split into at least three more. Before splitting that thing was huge. Now they are all about 6 inches and do a really good job at cleaning the sand in the darker, hard to reach areas of my tank. Great clean up crew member and adds to the biodiversity of the tank!

    Spotted Mandarin

    I have a red mandarin and I keep a pretty self sustaining population of pods in my sump within the refugium and chaeto. Also I added a bunch of reef rubble rock to the back of my tank in mounds to add shade and shelter for them to populate in the display. So far I can still see them on the glass at night and my mandarin is nice and fat.

    GB Master Krakatoa

    Those are insanely bright! The price tag is a little more than I’d like to spend on zoas though.
  9. I’ve also heard of people dosing sugar and vinegar too as a carbon source.

    Flame Angelfish

    I’ve had one for 2 years in a mixed reef and so far it hasn’t messed with any of my corals. It nips at my clam mantles every now and again but doesn’t seem to harm them. Hear they can be hit or miss though. Definitely an eye catcher and neat fish though!
  11. Thank you. I’ve got 15 frags reserved for the swap tomorrow and it’s gonna be tough to find a spot for all of them. I know it can be done and I’m excited to get them home and into the tank. I’ve got my dip, iodine, and glue ready to go! Lol. This time next year if all goes well I should have a lot of frags and colonies ready to sell and trade at the swap.
  12. You could try adding Kent’s garlic xtreme to help boost his immune system. If you still aren’t sure what it is on it’s under side this may clear it up. Ive had a blue spot puffer and currently a dogface and every now and again it seems like they slime up a little and stuff tends to stick to it. If it doesn’t last long it may have just had an irritation of some sort. Hope it clears up, puffers are neat fish.
  13. I’m really bad at water changes and changing out my carbon and gfo. I try to just make sure to do all three at least once a month and so far everything seems well. Nitrates 0-3 range and phosphates are about .06 I believe when I checked on the Hanna checker this week.
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