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  1. Check out petco they have 10g waterbox aio on sale for $80 if you cant get a trade to work.
  2. I do but i will not be at the swapp unfortunatley
  3. I have a few zoa frags I am looking to part with Purple People Eater 5p -$45 Tubbs Blue (2) Frags 4p on each- $20 each or both for $30 Playboy Bunnies 5p- $30 Mystery Pink Zoas 5p - $25 Take all of them for $110 Located in North Olmsted
  4. 18-27 inch Current USA LED saltwater reef light. Everything works has blue and white lights that can each be controlled. Comes with a remote but needs a battery. Has legs so it can hang on the edges of the tank. Great light for growing soft coral and LPS and great for a frag tank $45 Located in north olmsted but can meet within reason or ship for $7
  5. I have an extra reefkeeper PB4 for sale. Located in North Olmsted OH but can ship. $50. If you want it shipped its an extra $7.
  6. I have a tiny and i mean tiny (1/2-3/4 inch)piece of Laura's Purple Acro that broke off during cleaning. Glued to a piece of rock rubble. I have a very old bulky old school current usa light that works just fine and is very bright has a newer HO bulb in it. The one leg is a lil broke but still works fine. It has two strips of blue leds on the side. One of the strips works part of the time. It has 2 plugs one for the white light one for the blue leds. It has a pretty loud fan on it as well. This would be great for a cheap frag tank I just need it out of my basement. Both are free just pick up in North Olmsted or can meet during the day near westlake/rocky river area.
  7. brian1313


    I am from cleveland too and just joined this site! If you need anything let me know I have been doing this for a couple years so I have a lot of "dont do that" stories. Also there is a Cleveland specific forum as well. Its good to belong to both then you cover all over northern ohio ha!
  8. no unfortunately I am busy that weekend
  9. sorry rainbow incinerator not infusion
  10. Can also meet in the sandusky area as well. Would also consider trades
  11. Lowering price to $285.... I am able to ship but it will be extra
  12. well its been up for about 1.5 years but has been moved 3 times haha. In its current state its been up for about a year
  13. Awesome wasnt sure how this forum worked as I am part of C-Sea which is mainly all Cleveland based. I run a 20 gallon IM fusion Peninsula with a regular ocellarius, platinum precula, and green striped goby. Bunch of softies and LPS and just got my first bunch of SPS and Acros last week (well see how that goes) I run a Nanobox Duo for lighting
  14. I have 7 different mini colonies/colonies of zoas for sale. Would like to sell all at once but would consider parting out. Here is a list of what is available Rainbows Infusion 8+pRed Hornets-20+pScrambled Eggs- 10+p (this piece is on a piece of light diffuser from a homemade frag rack)Playboy Bunny-10+pGatorade 20+p Blue Tubbs-20+Rastas 10+ p $325 for all obo. Located in North Olmsted (20 minutes west of cleveland) Can meet within reason for an additional gas money. Also have a nice zoa garden rock for sale. I stopped counting at 50 polyps but there are way more than that on there. It is mainly whamin watermelon but also has greenbay packers and radioactive dragons. $85
  15. Not sure if there are many Clevelanders in this forum but I like to explore other reefclubs around the area and am always buying and selling and trading so hopefully I will get to know some of you soon if any are close!
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