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  1. Nitrates are 10, Phosphate is barely detectable I was removing them based on advice previously
  2. After reading enough to make my head spin, I think I'm ready to tear the tank down, and start over. I am not in the mood to fight dino's for 6mo-1yr or more..... I'm reading that it's in the corals etc. so the coral I got with the new tank etc. will all need to go (do you scrape it off the rock and keep the rocks?) Should I fill a brute trash-can with saltwater and just toss all rock etc in there with a lid and no light for a month or more to keep them cured, but also kill any dino? I don't think I have it in me to keep the puffer, anemone etc. so I will have to rehome them, because it may be months before I can get the tank up and running again. I still probably won't go bare-bottom, so I guess I will need to research a new substrate etc. What should I do as far as treating everything (powerheads, overflows, heaters etc. etc.) Soak everything in vinegar? I was tempted to buy a gallon of Copepod solution (it claims 48k pods) but I don't want to throw away money on the problem..... if it were that easy everyone would do it. What all should I do for a complete tear down?
  3. Right now I do them because I think I'm fighting the dinos........ this new tank was the death of me......
  4. Nope..... He has a lot of room to himself!
  5. I think that's it! Devil's hand!
  6. It is pink/soft/fleshy and it has these pearl-like dots/bumps on it. It came with a tank I got and it’s admittedly in rough shape but it moved towards the light and is certainly not dead
  7. It keeps looking better. I’m inclined, with the lack of other fish.....To try the garlic stuff and let him fight whatever it is on his own
  8. I’m slow. How do you see stuff listed on this reeftrader site?
  9. Walk-in-addition-tank. Just add a glass addition to your house.
  10. Just hanging at the bottom and stretching out. I am a little worried the flow is too much for it, as it never seems to want to be mid-tank
  11. 30g water change. Took out more than I planned on! I really need a decent system for water changes
  12. Getting overrun by the uglies....... Just did a 25g water-change and the new skimmer is getting nice dark skim. I am gonna get the UV light, but it won’t be here until after I get back from a trip out of town.
  13. Without getting into re-plumbing my return etc, would this be a good cheap UV filter to use? Would it work? Can I just drop it into my sump? https://www.amazon.com/rOXIN-Submersible-Aquarium-Replacement-Waterproof/dp/B07L41X854/ref=sr_1_2_sspa?hvadid=241923064727&hvdev=c&hvlocphy=9015305&hvnetw=g&hvpos=1t1&hvqmt=e&hvrand=13716157067453116605&hvtargid=aud-647006051489%3Akwd-2510462261&keywords=aquarium+uv+sterilizer&qid=1552640750&s=gateway&sr=8-2-spons&tag=googhydr-20&psc=1 Reviews seem favorable......
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