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  1. It was cool to experience it for the 1st time. Great to meet everyone in person. Now my planning and work have to go into overdrive.
  2. I’ll find you and talk to you. If I can’t win a controller I’ll have to look into buying one. Lol
  3. From the pattern I’ve seen... no, no it won’t
  4. I would think it should end at setup for the swap.
  5. I’m gonna head over that way around 5:30ish and help anyone who needs a hand to setup. It’s only about 10 minutes away for me.
  6. I see no problem in the logic of a house addition to build a tank.
  7. Welcome. I’m new on here myself. I would just keep the molly in there they are actually great for hair algae and aren’t aggressive. But that’s just my two cents.
  8. What kind of RODI do you use? I’m In Walbridge as well and might possibly be interested.
  9. Roadway maintenance technician. I stand in traffic trying to work, wondering if someone is going to value a text message more than my life.
  10. Been reading and watching a lot of threads on here for quite some time. Figured I should join the fun. Been out of the hobby for around 8 years after a major crash dampened my aquarium ownership spirit for a good spell. Working on talking the wife to allow me to return to the hobby I have always enjoyed. Hardest sell is she knows the actual amount of $ i had invested the last time lol. I live down the road from Perrysburg so I plan on going to the expo if work schedule allows it.
  11. I went there last September on my way back from vacation. Talked to the owner and the manager for over an hour. Awesome facility with a similar type of setup as tropicorium, however the coral frag selection in the main showroom was hands down better. Their main display tank had (I believe it was a birds nest coral) the size of a small coffee table in it. Everyone was knowledgeable and eager to help even though the were in the middle of draining and moving some tanks.
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