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  1. I'll most likely have my apex with me for sale
  2. No problem. Just come see me. I'll be easy to find. My shirt says buk ok the back
  3. Thanks @Muttley000. It's a club worth doing things for. Plus there are a lot of members on here that I haven't met yet.
  4. I was thinking today and I realized how grateful I am for such a great group of people. To show my gratitude I want to offer all Buckeye Reef members 15%off any of my reef trader listings still available. Supporting members get 20%off anything left on reef trader. Just a heads up there's still an apex available. Now if there is anyone still reading I made 50 frags today. They are all pieces of my old frag rack that I replaced today and all have between 2 and 40 zoas and/or palys on them. For every supporting member that comes and says hi you get a free one and any more you want for a "buk" a piece. Any standard members that want in can get them for a "buk" just to cover cost of plugs, glue, and cups. I'll also have some pretty generous sized montis with me for sale. Nothing over $15. Come say hi and introduce yourself. THANKS BUCKEYE REEF.
  5. I'm hoping to be there about 5 today
  6. Any rite Aid, cvs,Walgreens, Walmart, Meijer, etc will have heat packs. Just the standard hand warmers
  7. Where are you located @RockyProndoa? I've got xr30 and xr15s all g4 pros if you want to check them out
  8. Very interested in some livestock. Pm sent
  9. buk

    Jason Fox Poison Potion

    I was thinking the same thing when he released them. They are definitely Miami vice zoas
  10. I'd love to go today but I'm stuck at a bowling tournament in Lexington
  11. Does anyone have any frags of ASD Rainbow Millie that they could part with? I know it's a long shot but it's a piece that I've been wanting for some time. Pic for attention 1024 × 683
  12. buk

    SB Reeflights

    If you are curious I just picked up the clubs PAR meter today and I have a lot of sb reef basics. I could get you readings if you would like
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