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  1. Wow. A real crisis averted. Congrats on keeping your inhabitants well.
  2. buk

    Just placed my order with Marine Depot. Don't forget about this great deal for you and the club this Black Friday season.
  3. buk

    It's been an extremely slow process. Everything on my end has gone pretty smoothly but the welder has been holding up a lot of the process and it's been so long since I've welded that I don't fully trust my capabilities anymore. But it's looking like all the pieces will become one the week after thanksgiving. Then probably a few days for powder coating.
  4. buk

    Well it made it into the house and is patiently waiting for the stand to get done. @Muttley000 I love this tank. It's the same size and options that was featured at MACNA this year. Many of the vendors also used them there. I think I spent a good 2 hours staring at them and every little detail I could find and could find a reason not to go with crystal dynamics over Marineland or other mass produced tanks. Everything is very precise and clean
  5. buk

    It came! It came! Almost home. I hope is not broken lol.
  6. scooters will destroy populations also
  7. buk

    It just left California yesterday so I'm hoping it will be in Maumee early next week. I'm doing b ionic in my tanks in the basement but I have to buy it by the 5 gallon buckets. That's why I'm wanting to try the calcium reactor but I'm sure there will be a learning curve
  8. buk

    Oh I forgot to add that I also have a geo calcium reactor. I'm planning to start there and adjust as needed but will most likely end up dosing mag and possibly alk. I've always been a stick head but never got into trace elements. Any recommendations?
  9. buk

    It's been about 10 years or so since I've had an actual display tank. So after being surrounded by inspiration and the best products around at MACNA this year I decided it was time. I'm not one to do anything half way that I have to look at everyday so a standard tank and sub par equipment is out of the question. It took some time to plan and figure out exactly what direction to go in bit I finally narrowed it down. It's going to be a primarily higher end sps tank with possibly a paly or two and/or a few lps in the shade. Below is the first pic of my dream tank in the making. Bashsea skimmer and collector, bio reactor, sump, and ato reservoir, Apex with feeder to control it all, 2x radion xr30 pro, and 48"aquatic life t5 hybrid fixture. Not pictured is a pile of Portland cement rock, 100 gallon starfire Crystal Dynamics tank (shipped today), and powder coated tube steele stand (in construction). I've still yet to decide what return pump and powerheads to use so I'm open to any suggestions anyone may have.
  10. buk

    Looks almost exactly like the csb i used to have. Hands down the most beautiful nem I've ever had
  11. Where is dc aquaculture on there?
  12. I can't wait to fire my bashsea skimmer. It's a ways off as the tank build is still in progress. Great quality materials and construction.
  13. buk

    Pm sent
  14. buk

    Excellent! I'm very new to everything about it. I'm completely in the dark. I attended the Apex seminar at MACNA but without a decent knowledge of the products it all went right over my head. lol