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  1. This seems pretty awesome. Is anyone on here going?
  2. buk

    MACNA definitely opened my eyes to a lot of the new products out.
  3. I'm really needing some Larger branch rock, preferably Tonga. If you have some around that you can let go please send some pics, prices, and location. I will buy or we can trade. Thanks
  4. buk

    I had tickets 5 years ago but the wife and I ended up buying a house instead of going. So this is the year to scratch MACNA and Vegas off the bucket list.
  5. buk

    This thing is a beast. Definitely on my "want" list. https://reefbuilders.com/2018/05/14/cr-twin-tech-is-deltecs-take-on-the-automatic-calcium-reactor/?utm_source=Reef+Builders+Newsletter&utm_campaign=730af526e4-RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_88f38223c1-730af526e4-416570817
  6. buk

    No joke on the money grubbing mouse. Has anyone reading this been to a past MACNA? Would it be worth joining MASNA to get in early? What were your favorite experiences there? Would you be willing to look after my tanks while I'm gone? (Last one is a joke)
  7. buk

    I just decided yesterday. Still pretty worried about figuring out how to care for my tanks when I'm gone though.
  8. buk

    Is anyone else planning on going to MACNA in Vegas this year? It would be nice to see a familiar face out there.
  9. buk

    Here ya go. This may help. https://www.facebook.com/AcrylicCreations/
  10. Some of you know that I like to experiment and play around with different aspects of my tanks. Well I'm having trouble with my next mini project. I can't find a reasonably powerful blue led bulb with an E26 base (standard household screw in base). I'm just going to use it for temporary display purposes so it doesn't need to grow anything just fluoresce it. Has anyone come across anything online?
  11. Sure thing. They are 48"wide, 52" tall, and the bottom row is 16" front to back, the other two are 12" front to back. It is setup for a single sump but I don't have it. You could always use a tote or glass tank or whatever as a sump under. They are by no means in great shape but I need the space so if you are interested shoot me an offer.
  12. buk

    Interesting topic. I've never really considered using anything like this but now it's got me thinking for my next setup. Are there any knock offs out?
  13. buk

    Where are you located? I've got a deep blue 60 gallon rimless reef ready
  14. buk

    I saw the same. That's why I went with the sq-520. I guess I just expected the numbers to be higher
  15. buk

    thanks @Muttley000. that's more help than you know.