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  1. buk

    I would recommend the dcp-2500 over the dcs-2000. It's a nicer pump a better controller and i believe that it can be turned down farther if needed. Just my $.02
  2. buk

    The wife and I went for a short time. I was looking but didn't see anyone from buckeye. I picked up more than I was expecting too though. Ding dang pe, rr pink Floyd, rr orange passion, reef hero Canada blue devil, red devil acro, Kung pow monti, tiera del fuego, huge pink dragon, and an IED Mille.
  3. If anyone ever needs help with plumbing I have no problem lending a hand as long as I'm available. I've plumbed quite a few tanks.
  4. buk

    my miyagi is purple and green. nice looking coral but yeah i haven't seen any blue in it. btw those are some sweet chunky frags. what box was that again? and what is the one second from the right? i can't quite read it but that millie is fire. definitely on my list of places to buy from
  5. Comes with everything you need to set it up except CO2 cylinder. Geo 612 Calcium Reactor, pH probe, feed pump, and regulator (not pictured). $300. location under s/n.
  6. Tank needs cleaned but I will do that before it's picked up. Comes with Trigger Systems ruby cube sump and Reef Octopus classic 110SSS skimmer. Get it all for less than the price of the sump. $300. location under s/n.
  7. New never used. Good Algae scrubber for smaller or AIO tank. $30. location is under s/n
  8. Both brand new in box. $100. Location under s/n.
  9. buk

    Looking good. I have a small anemone tank myself and love it. What precautions do you plan to take to keep the anemones from being destroyed in powerheads or clogging the overflow?
  10. buk

    Most of my day was spent in the shop trying to get ahead of the que at work. Then working on the tanks in the basement. I haven't done anything with them yet. Just mounted to the hybrid fixture and plugged them in until I realized i could just about see my blood flowing through my skin lol. I use the EcoSmart live app on my RX30W's in the basement. I haven't seen a need for anything more with them.
  11. buk

    Although the stand still isn't done I had to find something to work on. So what do you think? Is it enough light?
  12. buk

    It is from their website but is the dual stage which makes it more than the carbon doser unfortunately. Thanks Muttley I can't wait either