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  1. I know I couldn't do it. There was just way too much heat in so many tanks.
  2. These were so many amazing corals at this years swap. I really had a hard time keeping myself in check and not just buying everything I saw. So what's your favorite catch of the swap? I couldn't decide on mine so here's one of the racks I was able to load up a bit. From left to right I've got the Orange passion ( on the single rack), ATL silver bullet, Pacman, red dragon, Sanjay's green tenuis, an amazing looking blue tort ( face melting blue), and last but not least Wolverine. Random zoa, paly, various lps tank shot Random shot of sps and various lps tank
  3. I'm sad to say that this was my first Buckeye Reef Swap. What took me so long? I had a great time with awesome people and vendors. Thanks to everyone involved.
  4. sorry everyone this sold today
  5. i'll also be bringing my blue flashlight just in case. you can also bring orange glasses if you wanna see fun colors.
  6. who do we see for this deal? i'd like a few
  7. i'll have a sharpie, specimen cups(i hate bags), check lists, credit cards in case of emergency lol, and a few hand warmers just because even with a cooler your coral will still be cold if you're there all day.
  8. Gotcha both. Can't wait to see everyone
  9. I've got way too much Confusa lol. Get them cheap. Chunky frags (about 3 square inches each) $5. All of my other unreserved items on reeftrader.com have lowered prices also. Check them out.
  10. probably not at this point but go ahead and pm me with what you are interested. thanks
  11. I've got a bunch of Ecotech stuff that i just don't need. $800 for the lot. Vectra M1 return pump Radio XR30w PRO G3 with mount MP10w QD MP40w ES Reef Link to control everything from your phone. All used 6 months to a year in great shape and work as they should. Can provide more pics upon request.
  12. Is there any kind of last of raffle items anywhere? I'm trying to figure out how much to bring to drop on it
  13. You and me both. I'm going to be spending entirely too much
  14. very nice. looking good