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  1. marinelife

    Been a while so time for an update. Here is a video of the fish. The corals are still regrowing. Several corals show growth, some show death. Not really sure why they are dying off. The fish are going great and getting bigger. https://youtu.be/cuNzA4ZOMUk
  2. marinelife

    Most knockoffs have reported causing issues with peoples tanks. They leach different things
  3. marinelife

    I removed my Marinepure Blocks and my Brightwell Bricks. They started to fall apart. I have been using just Siporax instead. It works better and has been around longer.
  4. marinelife

    Getting ready to build another one so I can use up all my siporax
  5. marinelife

    My fish never went any more crazy for this than any other food I put in the tank.
  6. marinelife

    The Siporax is just part of my filter system. Been using it a long time but it always got dirty fast. This reactor will hopefully let it stay cleaner. I am still working on what to do with the rest. My nitrates have been low so I guess the Siporax is working.
  7. marinelife

    It’s running, the Siporax was not 100% clean but it should help feed the bacteria. I would estimate 20-25L of Siporax. 14L was recommended. I still have another 25L or so I can use. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. marinelife

    I have the Siporax soaking in bacteria for the night. Will be running the plumbing tomorrow. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. marinelife

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. marinelife

    I hope to put together the input tomorrow. Still figuring out if I should have the value right at the 90 coming into the unit then a check value to check valve then valve. If I get it done tomorrow I will fill it later in the day. It will not be on the tank for a few days. I need to clean the siporax first and it been to cold out to bleach it.
  11. marinelife

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  12. marinelife

    I had 2 Stream 6100s in my tank for 13 years I ran 2 wave boxes for 11 years I ran 2 6105s for 4 years. Tunze makes the best pumps, I now just run closed loops
  13. marinelife

    Top being glued together. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. marinelife

    it will be low flow and provided by my return pump. I have a manifold under the tank with 4 outputs on it. Right now 3 are used. I am going to reuse one and run it to the new reactor and then one of the 2 outputs from the reactor will go to the sump that I took the supply from. I am starting to get it glued together, just waiting on the base to be modified to fit the thicker walled tube. I hope to have it running this weekend.
  15. marinelife

    I am currently getting all the parts prepared for a 5’ reactor for my Siporax. I had problems with the Siporax in the sump always collecting crap. I have a 5’ x 6” acrylic tube and the base and lid. I ordered them already made but have to modify them. Cut a hole for the bottom bulkhead. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk