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  1. No new pictures at this time. only the video. One turned black and its circles faded. Now the circles/lines are returning. Not sure why that happened. The other is over half way changed. They get alone so far without issue. I notice the one that is changed more will leave the seaweed when the other one shows up but I do not see any fighting or chancing. I do see them at times hanging out together. Its hard to get good pictures, the blue on them just shines.
  2. I set him in my sump for about 20 minutes to match the temp. Then I opened and put him in a bucket and dripped water from the tank into the bucket for about 45 minutes. About 25 minutes in I removed half the water from the bucket. Once the salinity was the same as the tank I moved the fish to a holding box in the tank to get him to eat.
  3. Came in at 2" which is a small, ordered a medium which should have been at least 3" Live Aquaria gave me back money for the issue.
  4. Above is the day I got him, below is him eating seaweed. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. your better option is http://www.coralvue.com/maxspect-xf230-gyre-pump The advanced controller is great and is apex ready. I had 4 of the largest ones they make. I sold them off because the noise level was too much. The 230s are good and do not have the noise issues. They are a large pump so keep that in mind.
  6. Added a Blue Spine Unicorn Tang Thursday, hoping the other fish leave him alone. I was just released into the tank today. I had him in box in the aquarium to make sure he was eating. So far so good.
  7. I got him back in just over 3 years ago. I got him off a guy that had him for 2 year I think it was.
  8. Time for an update. My current fish load since the crash: 1 Yellow Belly Hippo Tang (March 2008) 1 Coral Beauty (May 2007) 1 Maculiceps Tang (February 11, 2014) 1 Yellow Coris Wrasse (December 13, 2013) 2 Yellow Pyramid Butterfly (August 21, 2014) 1 Juvenile Emperor Angel (January 3, 2017) 1 Cleaner Wrasse (June 8, 2017) 1 Orange Shoulder Tang (July 31, 2017) 1 Emperor Angel (August 18, 2017) 1 Yellow Tang (September 9, 2017) Corals:A few SPS frags, soft corals and a massive Blue Ridge that takes over the middle of the tank. I have seen some growth from the SPS frags in the tank so I went and purchased 4 more frags but one was coated in AEFWs. So most of it got trashed. Current flow system:2 Tunze Stream 6105s with the Tunze 7096 Controller on the ends of the tank point toward the surfaceReturn pump is a Waveline Apex Ready DC10000II water pump1 Closed loop system with an Abyss A200 DC Pump. 1 Closed loop system with a Red Dragon 3 230w DC Pump What is next:I think the last fish I am going to add is a Blue Spine Unicorn Tang. Get my SPS load high again. Planning on going to Reef Systems in a few weeks and getting some more!! Here is a video
  9. From Walt: “Happy FIJI Friday! We can now happily say that Fisheries has officially withdrawn the ban put in place on December 28th! We are now waiting for the Department of Environment to hold the CITES MA meeting to discuss the quota’s and finalize everything.”
  10. The ban has been lifted in Fiji
  11. well here is what happens when you ban things without research
  12. Newest news, I will be testing and providing feedback on a new controller that is coming out next year. So, for now, I will be using this one I got today until they are ready with the new one. Alot of frustration has turned into a great situation for me.