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  1. marinelife

    Sunday update video
  2. marinelife

    I saw they had some legal issues a few years ago but saw reviews from just a few weeks ago saying they are the best. Fake reviews I would guess.
  3. marinelife

    My family and I went to the Toledo Zoo over the weekend and I thought why not drive an extra 55 minutes north to see this store that everyone raves about. I guess I missed something because I am not sure why people think its the best around. They did have tons of fish and live rock ($11 a pound rock). I guess the coral was in a back area that an employee had to take you to see. I could not find anyone to help me or even acknowledge I was there so I missed the main coral area. The place was very run down and looked like a fire hazard. All of us felt let down and sad we drove another hour north just for this. The only neat thing to us was the Zebra Shark and even it made us sad from being is a small tank. It just kept swimming in circles in one half the tank.
  4. marinelife

    New video of the fish
  5. marinelife

    Update time: I removed the Random Flow Generators and add the penductors back, the RFGs just did not do well with my configuration. Changed my return pump to an Abyzz A200 I added 2 5' siporax reactors after losing most of my sps I sent my water out to be tested and found out my Nitrates was over 200 and I had a lot of Tin in my water. After several water changes, I think my Nitrates are good. My test kit was still good but I got 2 different ones to see if they match. I really do not have an LFS to have my water checked and verified at. I also am running some Seachem Cuprisorb to remove the tin. Trying to figure out what it came from. I added some fish because a friend is moving and he needed a good home for them. I added a 1 Unicorn Tang 1 False Personifer Anglefish 1 Bennett’s Butterflyfish, Chaetodon bennetti 1 Bluespot Butterflyfish, Chaetodon plebeius 1 Moorish idol I also added a Razor Tang in February, it is an awesome fish. The Blue Spine Unicorn Tang ended up being a Vlamingi Tang, Live Aquaria ending up giving me all my money back since it was not what I ordered. Even after the 2 months, it took me to figure it out. Is a few weeks I am going to add a few new SPS corals to see if they can survive.
  6. Both pumps are running great without issues. I really can not say anything bad about either. The Abyzz did have an issue in the beginning but they seemed to have fixed it and hopefully, any new ones will have the issue. You can not beat the 10-year warranty of the Abyzz. Last week during the July 4th sales I did get another pump to replace my return. I had been wanting to replace my return for a while and I was just waiting to see how these pumps did over time to make my choice on a new return. My return is now an Abyzz A200, reasons for picking it are: its a smaller pump which works better for the location I had to put it, the warranty is too good to pass up, I do like the controller a little better than the Red Dragon's controller, and lastly it was in stock during the sale it;s still out of stock at most places). The sale let me save over $400 on the pump. I had to enlarge the hole on my sump to get a bigger bulkhead in it to allow for the 2" input on the Abyzz. I did make the plumbing so I can easily swap out the Abyzz for the old pump is something ever does happen.
  7. marinelife

    Been a while so time for an update. Here is a video of the fish. The corals are still regrowing. Several corals show growth, some show death. Not really sure why they are dying off. The fish are going great and getting bigger. https://youtu.be/cuNzA4ZOMUk
  8. marinelife

    Most knockoffs have reported causing issues with peoples tanks. They leach different things
  9. marinelife

    I removed my Marinepure Blocks and my Brightwell Bricks. They started to fall apart. I have been using just Siporax instead. It works better and has been around longer.
  10. marinelife

    Getting ready to build another one so I can use up all my siporax
  11. marinelife

    My fish never went any more crazy for this than any other food I put in the tank.
  12. marinelife

    The Siporax is just part of my filter system. Been using it a long time but it always got dirty fast. This reactor will hopefully let it stay cleaner. I am still working on what to do with the rest. My nitrates have been low so I guess the Siporax is working.
  13. marinelife

    It’s running, the Siporax was not 100% clean but it should help feed the bacteria. I would estimate 20-25L of Siporax. 14L was recommended. I still have another 25L or so I can use. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. marinelife

    I have the Siporax soaking in bacteria for the night. Will be running the plumbing tomorrow. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. marinelife

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk