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  1. If anyone is interested Blue Planet premieres at 9pm on BBCA that's 264 on DirecTV
  2. Top down, left to right. My anenome split 2 days ago. Nice, as long as it stays there.
  3. I have that same anthias , one of my favorite
  4. Just read whole thread and am very impressed. Awesome set up. Will be following this for sure. Hope u stay active with the forum ,I feel u have alot of knowledge to share. Nice work
  5. Not sure ,just did a drive by. I hope just salt.
  6. So took my kids to the dentist and I might have seen a new store opening. Anyone know about or heard anything of this store. It's on secor just past Sylvania, called Master's aquarium. I think
  7. Here u go. 16' the first 2 feet don't have 3m on it. I also used electrical tape through out the strip to help hold it up.
  8. Ok thanks. We had one in site at the Cleveland swap but someone in front of us got it. So close.
  9. I am looking for a orange torch. The wife really wants one. Hope I can find one at the upcoming swaps.
  10. I am looking for a orange torch. The wife really wants one. Hope I can find one at the upcoming swaps.
  11. So I wanted some light underneath the tank so I figured LED strip would look cool. So I pulled the trigger and got them on Amazon for $20 . They are waterproof also. I will mainly use white but other colors make the tank look awesome, I think. The blue is brighter than I pic shows. Comes with remote also.
  12. I have 2 of the 250 gyre and love them. It is just in 3" of water so u really don't see any of the cord. It moves tones of water and the new controller has tons of options. And is super quiet. Never had vortech so can't compare. Sure u can't go wrong with either.
  13. All 3 sold . Please take it down.
  14. Bump, price drop $65 and $40 for other 2