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  1. Think these r the same ones in the challenge, never updated . Who won this anyway
  2. Gfo

    It was time to change. I do about 4 weeks on gfo or when I see the flow slow down. Flow was slow. Kinda feel.like it's gfo in some way. I do carbon every 2 weeks.
  3. Gfo

    It was in the output tube of the reactor
  4. Gfo

    So I changed my gfo the other day and this came out one of the tubes. Any thoughts, is it gfo it self, nasty algea or what.
  5. Top the last post
  6. I will give u results when I receive the meter. Still weeks out.
  7. Bought one of these about 6 weeks ago and it grows cheato like a champ. No doubt u will like this light.
  8. I will take a closer look. Those r it right?
  9. Thanks , Dustin persuaded me into buying it and I'm glad he did, see how long I can keep it alive.
  10. Just in time
  11. Pretty sure I know which ones they are but I want to double-check let me know. I think the ones on the left