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  1. chiefs11

    Still have this guy, been in 10gallon QT. for 6 weeks. Eating and doing good. Feel bad he needs a home. Price reduced $25
  2. chiefs11

    I have some, live in Walbridge
  3. chiefs11

    Still have this guy for sale
  4. chiefs11

    I caught him today and he is in the Q-tank. Will give this sale a week.
  5. chiefs11

    Just started, he has to go. If I don't sell will trade in to aque culture
  6. Getting rid of my flame angel. Had him for almost 2years. Asking $45 located in Walbridge will meet some what close to me or u can pick up.
  7. chiefs11

    Nice find, and interesting. Think I should take the chance. The guy in the tank has not come out or eatin. Been feeding ever day just to get the guy to eat. There other in q-tank is doing well and eating. Hope he eats soon. Will look in to this closer
  8. chiefs11

    Yeah won't set up a second q tank. Going to have to take my chances. I can't send back cause I am not a professional on sending anything. And they can't charge me cause I check everything and I didn't make 2 orders. Got charged once on my PayPal. I don't want them to die so have to put in tank. Just wondering if they will notice they did this. Or should I make the call.
  9. chiefs11

    So I put in my first order at LiveAquaria and received it today. I got two boxes and it ended up they doubled my order. Exactly the same thing in each box but only got charged for one order. I ordered a clean up crew a blue chromis and a Midas blenny well you can't keep two blennies in the same tank unless it's a large tank. I have a 135 ,6 foot will it be okay to have two in the same tank or do I get rid of one. I was planning on quarantine the blenny but now that I have to I can't put both of them in my 10 gallon quarantine tank. What to do they better not double charge because I can't send them back ,can't believe they did it but thank you. Your thoughts so I could have a Midas blenny for sale at price I bought it
  10. chiefs11

    I also Iike to feed my corals at night. Makes sense with all there technicales out filtering the water. But also feed when lights r on also. I do spot feed my sticks and everything in the tank.
  11. chiefs11

    Started with 2 now up to 4
  12. chiefs11

    Think these r the same ones in the challenge, never updated . Who won this anyway
  13. chiefs11


    It was time to change. I do about 4 weeks on gfo or when I see the flow slow down. Flow was slow. Kinda feel.like it's gfo in some way. I do carbon every 2 weeks.