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  1. chiefs11

    Here is my December pic. Merry Christmas to everyone!
  2. chiefs11

    Yeah that's fine
  3. chiefs11

    Depends what time. Same time as last works for wed and Thursday. Friday I am not sure yet
  4. chiefs11

    I have plenty but u will have to drive for it.
  5. chiefs11

  6. chiefs11

    Yeah I have one
  7. chiefs11

    Here is a couple of mine.
  8. chiefs11

    Nice to see another store open in Toledo
  9. chiefs11

    Sorry I don't sold to local fish store. Sold please close thread.
  10. Is there a new store in Toledo area. Has it opened does anyone know? Thought I heard a couple getting ready to open.
  11. chiefs11

    Not this weekend, just got off call. Won't b answering my phone.
  12. chiefs11

    Still have this guy, been in 10gallon QT. for 6 weeks. Eating and doing good. Feel bad he needs a home. Price reduced $25
  13. chiefs11

    I have some, live in Walbridge