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  1. tjh9100

    Sold please lock admin
  2. tjh9100

    Alright I'm at 130 for the sump it's that thing I have left.
  3. tjh9100

    Perfect its 18 x 18
  4. tjh9100

    You know you want it lol.
  5. Selling my trigger system cube sump due to getting out of hobby. Less than a year old paid 280 asking $175. Used under my 90 hex tank.
  6. Selling my curve 7 due to getting out if the hobby. Works great love this skimmer just dont need anymore. Asking $150
  7. tjh9100

    Admin can you close this. I'm gonna open up individual sale for items left.
  8. tjh9100

    Ato container sold
  9. tjh9100

  10. tjh9100

    About 2/3 to 3/4 full $5
  11. Red sea kh, ca, mg test kit about 3/4 full and phosphate test kit by nutrafin only used 3 or 4 times. $15
  12. tjh9100

    Red sea test kit and nutrafin phosphate test kit. Phosphate kit only used 3 times red sea still has about 3/4 left. $15
  13. tjh9100

    Wavemaker is a wp25