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  1. No way to tell. Even when it picks a spot, it can up and move at anytime. This is the problem with anemones in a reef tank.
  2. Real original on the name
  3. Sending PM
  4. Cleveland (C-sea), Dayton (worc), and Columbus (cora) are all in october
  5. I'm under the impression that some do, some don't. Only way to know is try and find out.
  6. I bought the Rox 0.8 and hate it. It's so small it cannot easily be ran in a normal reactor. The carbon goes right through the sponge pads.
  7. I use a reef keeper, two float switches, and a mj1200 for my ATO. Flawless now for 2 years. What I like best about it is being able to add the extra fail safe, i.e., the reefkeeper will only let the pump run for 20 seconds every 4 hours. So if both of my float switches malfunctioned the system would still not flood the tank. I'm not aware of any prefabbed setups that will easily allow this, although, I guess many could simply be powered via a cheap timer to accomplish the same thing.
  8. Not currently, but I have ran a herbie setup before, and yes, there is a purging period, but on my setup (2x1" drains), the standpipe could handle 100% of the flow.. this was a 45g cube running a mag5 return. I think it could work for crimson too, he'd just might have to adjust his return accordingly.. another option might be to add 1 additional emergency stand pipe on the other side (If he can live with the aesthetics of it), at a fuzz over high tank level
  9. You're basically talking a herbie setup. Decent guide here: http://gmacreef.com/herbie-overflow-reef-tank-plumbing-method-basics/ IF you're adamant about only using the one overflow, I see two options. 1. Make the 3/4" the siphon and use the 1" as open standpipe. 2. Make the 1" the siphon and use the 3/4" as the standpipe. Option 2 will allow you to move more water, but if the siphon clogs, there's no way the 3/4" standpipe can handle the flow and the tank will flood. Option 1 will allow less turnover, but it should be failsafe as the 1" standpipe should handle the flow if the siphon we're to clog.
  10. I'm running 2 on a 4' 120g, but they're only at half power or so. I like 2 running in anti-sync mode on either side of the aquarium to get a nice variation in which direction the flow is coming from.
  11. You can adjust speed on the factory control, but the speed set is constant during operation
  12. Yes, maxspect. Never used the generics
  13. I don't hate the gyre, it's settings are just too simple. There's no variable speed modes where the pump automatically ramps up and down. With the gyre it's full ahead, back and forth, or pulse. That's it. The mp40 has multiple preprogrammed modes that simulate natural reef flow. I have both running. Using the gyre for my frag table and running 2 mp40s on the display.
  14. I have both and would recommend the MP40. The settings on the gyre are not nearly as versatile. If you'd like to come see both in action, let me know and we'll setup a visit.
  15. Good ol vertex int180 here, with a bubble blaster pump