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  1. Not usually fish killers, but likely eat coral. Most are very specific in what they eat, and they tend to look like what they eat too (camouflage), so if you generally see them around a certain coral, that is likely what they are eating.
  2. It's not really special superglue, any superglue that is cyanoacrylate will be reef safe. You can get it in various thicknesses. There are plenty of bulk options on Amazon, or good old crazy glue can be found at most stores locally. What I like most about superglue is that it holds, but it is brittle and can easily be broken if need be. You'll find that sometimes the spot you want the coral in, isn't the spot the coral wants to be in, and need to move it. If so, superglue is much easier to deal with than epoxy. If the coral is happy where you glue it, it will eventually encrust itself permanently to the spot.
  3. I've heard of several people having lots of trouble with the Skimz (check out Ohio Reef boards for some specific examples). I've ran some reef octopus skimmers in the past and been totally satisfied. My Vertex is running a RO pump (bubble blaster) and the warranty is great, the quality of the product and performance are excellent. If I was buying a new skimmer today, I would be looking at ROs.
  4. I've never used one, but the red dragon is supposed to be the best needle wheel in the business and the acrylic work of the BK is supposedly second to none. Do I think they actually skim that much better than the next brand? No, probably not. Skimmers with similar design and similar sized pumps with similar water flow and air draw will work the same IMO. Past that, you're talking price point, reliability, efficiency in the pump, etc. Would I buy one? Maybe if I won the lottery. A working skimmer is good enough for me. I still run a gen 1 vertex from the early 2000's. Most would consider a Rolls-Royce better than a Ford, but as far as getting you from point a to point b, they'll both get the job done.
  5. The dude who sells the SB Reef lights wrote that he tested several of the common hobby par meters against a super expensive scientific grade photometer, and the one that was most accurate was the seneye, which is pretty interesting as they are dirt cheap compared to the apogee meters.
  6. RE Bubble King
  7. Mine seemed way low with the club par meter. I've read they don't do so we'll with blue led
  8. Looking good, thanks again!
  9. Killer picture @Muttley000, I have trouble capturing the blue centers.. Thanks again, hope it does well for you.
  10. I bought it as a Lepto, but thinking it might be a litho or psammacora. Hard saying with some of these. Here's mama
  11. All fresh cut too. Nice!
  12. Honestly depends on the nem. Strains that have been in captivity for several generations are far hardier than wild caught specimens. I would say the 6 month recommendation is more appropriate for wild nems.
  13. Still got this @Levi?
  14. Sold
  15. I'm in Lima. I'll shoot you a pm and we'll get it worked out.