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  1. Put me down for an early bird please. Thanks!
  2. Dr.Fraggenstien

    I've got a ton in LIma Oh. I'll send you a list if you're interested.
  3. Dr.Fraggenstien

    Yeah, early bird table. Crowd was good at times and thinned out at others, but alot of people kept coming back. It was pretty much non stop for 4 hours or so.
  4. Dr.Fraggenstien

    Thanks Erick! Glad you could come by.
  5. Dr.Fraggenstien

    It was a good one. Didn't buy much, but sold a ton! Thanks to anyone who stopped by.
  6. Dr.Fraggenstien

    Interested in trading (full or partial) for coral?
  7. Dr.Fraggenstien

    Oh man, swaps are where it's at. Get ready for the "kid in a candy store" feeling.
  8. Dr.Fraggenstien

    Any interest in doing some trading for the hallucinations? I got lots of stuff on reeftrader if you are (e.g., GB Buttkisser??)
  9. Dr.Fraggenstien

    Frag tank's full. Lots of nice stuff available in Lima. Also, lots listed on reeftrader.com for next weekend's swap in Columbus.
  10. Dr.Fraggenstien

    Watch this video. It may help: https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/video/view/sps-reef-tank-lighting-made-simple-stable-the-brs-wwc-system-ep11-brstv/
  11. Dr.Fraggenstien

    Dont know of anyone in the area that breeds them, but there are a few guys up near Cleveland and Columbus that do. There's a swap in Cleveland next month that I feel like there's a pretty good chance. I'm following on reeftrader and will shoot you a message if I see any listed
  12. Dr.Fraggenstien

    Miami hurricane chalice Wwc Bejeweled favia (mother pictured, frags ~3/4") Spidermans Jokers Punk rockers Blondies Wwc twizzlers Wwc purple monsters Captain America Mohawks My Clementine Orange litho Bloody Mary monti Ora flower petal monti Lemon lime pocci Yuma More Shrooms jf klepto lepto (mother pic, ~3/4" frags) Favia
  13. Dr.Fraggenstien

    Yes. I'll get together an updated version. Lots to list
  14. Dr.Fraggenstien

    Frag tank is full, making good deals in Lima
  15. Dr.Fraggenstien

    I'd be tempted to get some black paint and tape off and paint an inch or so under the trim so you don't have to see the waterline. So instead of higher waterlevel, get a lower trim line.