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  1. Please read here. Lots of misinformation out there on this subject. http://www.reefsanctuary.com/forum/index.php?threads/marine-ich-myths-and-facts.23132/
  2. If I were you, I'd look for a used ReefKeeper. Seen one recently for $45 that would easily meet the requirements you listed. Modules can later as needs expand just like the apex.
  3. No, wasn't me. We have these at work tho. The most i got to stir for any of the tests I run is 30 seconds and small volumes. Wouldn't be worth it to me
  4. BTA

    LEAR Reeftrader listing. Doesn't look like they're selling at this price though. I've seen them as low as $40 the last few years.
  5. BTA

    The legit ones don't split very often. The Cleveland ones split like it's their job.
  6. BTA

    @justin88 those ~$50 "sunbursts" out of the Cleveland area, or legit $1000+ Colorado Sunbursts?
  7. Very briefly used, more like tested. Like new in original packaging. $309 from Coralvue. $140. Located in lima, can have at the expo
  8. Nice demo. .. Food for thought: rinse or soak those plugs in rodi a bit ahead of time and you won't get those pesky air bubbles
  9. Black-sailfin goby ( Flabelligobius sp )
  10. Yeah it seems they're rather rare. Found it at Changing Tide in Findlay. Care is the same as any shrimp goby. Seems to eat anything
  11. Yes sir! Got lucky to grab this pic. The blue streaks in the fins shine like bicycle reflectors but are hard to catch in a photo.
  12. Like the title says..
  13. It'd be pretty easy to wire in a couple 4" computer fans if moisture is a concern
  14. I got a nice ORA red goni too