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  1. I have 4 mounted like yours over my 120. If I was only running 2, i'd run them the other way.
  2. This have a recommended tank size or size rating?
  3. This is sold, sorry.
  4. It doesn't look like you really have a huge demand for ca and alk in that tank, are you sure you should be dosing? Have you been able to test for a worthy decline in ca and alk in between water changes?
  5. No way to tell. Even when it picks a spot, it can up and move at anytime. This is the problem with anemones in a reef tank.
  6. Real original on the name
  7. Sending PM
  8. Cleveland (C-sea), Dayton (worc), and Columbus (cora) are all in october
  9. I'm under the impression that some do, some don't. Only way to know is try and find out.
  10. I bought the Rox 0.8 and hate it. It's so small it cannot easily be ran in a normal reactor. The carbon goes right through the sponge pads.
  11. I use a reef keeper, two float switches, and a mj1200 for my ATO. Flawless now for 2 years. What I like best about it is being able to add the extra fail safe, i.e., the reefkeeper will only let the pump run for 20 seconds every 4 hours. So if both of my float switches malfunctioned the system would still not flood the tank. I'm not aware of any prefabbed setups that will easily allow this, although, I guess many could simply be powered via a cheap timer to accomplish the same thing.
  12. Not currently, but I have ran a herbie setup before, and yes, there is a purging period, but on my setup (2x1" drains), the standpipe could handle 100% of the flow.. this was a 45g cube running a mag5 return. I think it could work for crimson too, he'd just might have to adjust his return accordingly.. another option might be to add 1 additional emergency stand pipe on the other side (If he can live with the aesthetics of it), at a fuzz over high tank level
  13. You're basically talking a herbie setup. Decent guide here: http://gmacreef.com/herbie-overflow-reef-tank-plumbing-method-basics/ IF you're adamant about only using the one overflow, I see two options. 1. Make the 3/4" the siphon and use the 1" as open standpipe. 2. Make the 1" the siphon and use the 3/4" as the standpipe. Option 2 will allow you to move more water, but if the siphon clogs, there's no way the 3/4" standpipe can handle the flow and the tank will flood. Option 1 will allow less turnover, but it should be failsafe as the 1" standpipe should handle the flow if the siphon we're to clog.
  14. I'm running 2 on a 4' 120g, but they're only at half power or so. I like 2 running in anti-sync mode on either side of the aquarium to get a nice variation in which direction the flow is coming from.