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  1. Won the grafted favia in the raffle then I got the miyagi Tort and hala berry zoas from @Dr.Fraggenstien at the swap from DBTC, thanks Andy they look great!
  2. I love it! When that gets big enough I'm gonna have to get a frag haha
  3. This really cool of you to do, thank you!!
  4. Travis


    Did you ever catch the foot long one?
  5. Travis

    Wardi tiger goby MIA

    I wouldnt be concerned, except for the fact that it's a biocube and I can see almost everywhere in the tank haha. This has happened before when i had my old 90gal tank.
  6. Travis

    Wardi tiger goby MIA

    I saw him last night and he was eating, but he didnt come out to feed in the morning. I just looked in the back again with no luck. I've moved most things that can move. I hope he turns up. But I'm just super confused lol.
  7. Travis

    Wardi tiger goby MIA

    So as the title says the wardi I picked up from aqua culture LLC has managed to disappear after a few days. He had jumped into the back once or twice, but I've looked there along with moving several things in my tank. Where the hell could he have gone? He wasnt exactly small either. and yes I've checked the ground too. There is only 2 things I can think of 1. The anemone did he get too close maybe? 2. The clean up crew? I doubt he would be completely gone tho plus he was eating and seemed happy.
  8. Was good to see you guys, I wasnt planning on buying anything but water but I ended up coming home with this little guy.
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