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  1. Travis8896

    Thank you! I think hat is his favorite spot lol
  2. Travis8896

    Corals are doing really well so far! I need to get a picture of the sinulara whens its fully open, its prolly close to 6-8"
  3. Travis8896


    I mean he is eating fine and appears to be doing better each day now that the stress is reduced, and 180 is for a grown tang he is only about an inch I will have a bigger tank before he is bigger.
  4. Travis8896


    Thanks I'll look into them!
  5. Travis8896


    One thing that is definitely going to help the hippo tang and the goby is that I caught my purple dottyback. It was picking on them, this is where most of the stress came from I believe because the yellow clown goby shows no signs of ick and he was the only one not being picked on.
  6. Travis8896


    Hes maybe about an inch now. And I will be upgrading tanks in year.
  7. Travis8896


    It's a 32g biocube, and not really any room nor do I have extra parts for another tank.
  8. Travis8896


    Im in toledo, the only reason i chanced it was because he was eating and looked healthy in the store. And my girlfriends daughter wanted Dory.
  9. Travis8896


    It is a reef tank with inverts.
  10. Travis8896


    So I made the foolish mistake of thinking I could add a small blue hippo tang to my tank without a Quarantine tank. Now him and my green banded goby are showing signs of ick. I'm at a loss for what to do, I do not have room for a quarantine tank. Both fish are eating great, I'm supplementing the food with garlic, but I'm not sure what else can be done. I also have vitality coming for the fish.
  11. Travis8896

    Thank you, it's hard to get a picture but I also have a tiny blue hippo tang
  12. Travis8896

    When my Duncans close he looks like he has a grumpy face lol Along with 2 new corals, a plate coral and a torch coral.
  13. Travis8896

    First time the peppermint shrimp has come out during feeding.
  14. Travis8896

    New 4 head Duncan and an emerald crab
  15. Travis8896

    After just a few days in my tank it's got the orange tips.