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  1. I have had one for years love these guys
  2. Will do thanks
  3. Well I can’t find my new tank. But it’s a 135 haft cylinder. I got a new light today. I got a ai hydra 52. Love this light.
  4. Bought this light today. Great guy. Thanks again Kenny.
  5. Located in Dayton willing to ship
  6. I have some rock if you are looking joe
  7. Ya who wants to go Wrastling
  8. i just up graded my light. so i am looking to sell my kessil a350w w/90 and goose neck. make me a offer
  9. http://www.cincyreef.com/showthread.php?41921-Kessil-a80-Tuna-Sun-led here is a a80
  10. Still have the light?
  11. There are some all black clowns for sell in Beavercreek for 20
  12. I have some extra cash and I am looking to upgrade my lights I’m looking for kessil, hydra, or al sol blue
  13. Right now money is tight. But if someone is willing to trade. I have some non reef items that i longer have time for. 1. Judge pistol. Shoots .45 long, 410 sung, 410 bird shoot 2. I have a Gorilla summit climbing tree stand used 3 to 4 times still in great condition, will come with brand new 5 point harness. 3. I have a Martin jaguar compound bow, come with hard case,release. Upgrade sights hasn’t been shot in 3 years great bow. If you are interested please let me know what you have.
  14. sorry i wasnt able to meet up at the swap. sounds like everyone had a great time.crimsonvice i am always down in cincinnati. i can give you a call if i can still be in this challenge?