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  1. Have a nice weekend
  2. For those not local, I ship Mon-Thurs.
  3. Open 11am-2pm Saturday. 6414 Ring Neck Dr. Dayton Oh 45424 937-344-3956
  4. That is a sea slug and good one to have. Keep it
  5. Closed Saturday. Have a good weekend.
  6. Short day Saturday; open 1pm-3pm. Please txt me to let me know your coming. 937-344-3956 6414 Ring Neck dr. Dayton Oh 45424
  7. Sorry folks, need to get my bathroom remodel finished.
  8. Thank Jeremy
  9. Check out the WYSIWYG pics. Come check them out Saturday 8/5 from 11am-5pm. 6414 Ring Neck Dr. Dayton OH. 45424. 937-344-3956
  10. Nice order of Reef Raft LPS in this week. These are the best of the best. Here is a pic of one. You will have to come to Lazys Frag House to see the rest. Firestorm trachyphyllia
  11. That is a strawberry Shortcake acro.
  12. There doesnt seem to be a gray area when it comes to sticks. Some folks when they come by immediatley gravitate to the acro tanks. Others dont even give them a second look. Which one are you? snaped some pics tonight. Love them, hate them or eh there ok?
  13. Some sweet coral at Lazys Frag House. Open sat 7/29 from 11am-5pm 937-344-3946 text me 6414 Ringneck Dr. Dayton Oh. 45424 hot corals at exceptional prices
  14. Got a sweet Rainbow Pectinia in this week. It's already sold but wanted to share the pic