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  1. I have had one for about 6 years now. Always nice and thick but hasn't grown much either. I think your right they are just very slow growers. I get some really jumbo ones in wild that must be really old. They are about 4" long. At the rate mine is growing it would take 30 years to get that large. Maybe they are long living fish.
  2. That is probrably surprising to a lot of folks. It Will be interesting to see what the par numbers are.
  3. This is normal coloration for red planet. It’s growth tips are white then go pink and finally after many months it will turn red. The newest growth is always white. It looks healthy and happy. Nice job
  4. I don’t have any pics but they look like these http://www.zoanthids.com/product_info.php?products_id=737
  5. Get a free colony of Mohawks with purchase tomorrow. While supplies last. (Must mention this ad) Big sale on Strawberry Shortcake colonies for only $35 - $45! Jason Fox Rainbow Stylo $19, Mini colonies of ORA Pearlberry $35 and over a 1,000 more coral Open 11 AM to 3 PM. 6414 Ring Neck Dr. Dayton, Oh. 45424 https://youtu.be/XP1K7W8RdjU
  6. Can you use a PAR meter to adjust the intensity and placement so the PAR is identical for both LED and MH? Also adjust color on LED so the light is indistinguishable between the MH and LED?
  7. Have a nice weekend
  8. Have a nice weekend
  9. For those not local, I ship Mon-Thurs.
  10. Open 11am-2pm Saturday. 6414 Ring Neck Dr. Dayton Oh 45424 937-344-3956
  11. That is a sea slug and good one to have. Keep it
  12. Closed Saturday. Have a good weekend.
  13. Short day Saturday; open 1pm-3pm. Please txt me to let me know your coming. 937-344-3956 6414 Ring Neck dr. Dayton Oh 45424
  14. Sorry folks, need to get my bathroom remodel finished.