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  1. Nice pics Buk . They are Tyree orange rainbows aka cornbread rainbow infusion the tort is the Oregon tort
  2. I have had one for about 6 years now. Always nice and thick but hasn't grown much either. I think your right they are just very slow growers. I get some really jumbo ones in wild that must be really old. They are about 4" long. At the rate mine is growing it would take 30 years to get that large. Maybe they are long living fish.
  3. That is probrably surprising to a lot of folks. It Will be interesting to see what the par numbers are.
  4. Lazylivin

    Weird growth

    This is normal coloration for red planet. It’s growth tips are white then go pink and finally after many months it will turn red. The newest growth is always white. It looks healthy and happy. Nice job
  5. Can you use a PAR meter to adjust the intensity and placement so the PAR is identical for both LED and MH? Also adjust color on LED so the light is indistinguishable between the MH and LED?
  6. That is a sea slug and good one to have. Keep it
  7. Due to flooding cookout is cancelled. I will reschedule for early August.
  8. Hi all, looking forward to the get together. Folks are welcome to prearrange trades/sales of equipment and livestock with other hobbyists.
  9. Look great Jacob! Thanksfor sharing
  10. I think it depends on your tanks nutrient level. The higher the nitrate level the higher the alk. For example i run a nitrate level between 5-25 and keep alk 9-10 dkh range. Previously when i had ultra low nitrates (undetectible) i ran alk lower. Here are my current levels as of a few nights ago. Mag 1350 Calcium 420 Alk 9.5 Po4 .04 Nitrates 25
  11. Lazylivin

    Is this normal?

    Yes thats right. Use 4 parts of your tank water to 1 part h202. For example if using 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide use 4 cups tank water. Put the hydrogen peroxide and tank water in a container. Add the coral and swish it around. After 5 minutes put the coral back in your tank.
  12. Lazylivin

    Is this normal?

    Your reef tank water
  13. Lazylivin

    Is this normal?

    That is brown jelly disease. It is a bacteria and can kill it and other coral very fast. Turn off all tank flow, slowly carefully remove coral from tank as not to release the bacteria in water. Once removed swish the coral in a small container of water vigorously . Return to tank. Chances are it will not make it but worth trying to save it. I would wear gloves as well. It is very possibly that the bacteria is same family as the human flesh eating bacteria. You may also want to give it a hydrogen peroxide dip. 1 part h202 to 4 parts tank water for 5 minutes. One way to tell if it is what we call brown jelly disease is the smell when bringing out of water will be abnormally bad
  14. Here is a DIY food mix that you can make for all fish and coral. If you don't want to make it on your own I sell it as well for $15. Click the link below "Supercharge your Reef"
  15. I have directv $85 a month and netflix $15 a month. I would guess i watch 4 hours of netflix to 1 hour of directv. The netflix value is pretty incredible for the price. I am surprised they dont charge more. Directv is soon to be out the door at my house if they dont lower the price. I feel the value isn't worth more than $25 a month. I have hula as well and pay the extra for no commercials. Directv and cable companies alike can suck it.
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