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  1. trickedout900

  2. Fishtrap, requires patience but works like a champ. My lfs even has a loaner one so you ask them or check around the local clubs.
  3. trickedout900

    Do you still have the queen?
  4. trickedout900

  5. trickedout900

    Id get the Apex first. As far as Wireless goes you don't really need Wireless right out of the gate, you can connect it to your router and then just run it through a website. that's what I do. I have the gold package still don't have the wireless no need for it. As far as the MP40 goes you can only put it in one position although it doesn't have wires on it it's One Direction. The jaboes do burn up but you can buy 3 to 4 for the price of a mp40. Ive bought 6in the last five years, only two of them have burnt out. My mp40 makes noise all the time but i do love the no wire factor.
  6. trickedout900

    I think Muttley was referring to it's cost vs some of the others. A gallon of BRS Soda Ash costs 20 bucks but makes 8 gallons of solution;)
  7. trickedout900

    I think Jesse forgot about this thread. Started in April, still no winner. Maybe its just a joke? I check all activity every day and 90% of the time this thread covers the whole page. Has this forum really come to a bunch of random babble in a thread with no direction? Im not trying to be a jerk Im just disappointed in the forum.
  8. trickedout900

    Thats wicked. Great to see the hobby giving back.
  9. trickedout900

    Nice looking piece,good luck with the sale.
  10. trickedout900

    You can get away with putting plates up higher as long as they are on a flat surface, however with the way they stretch out and grow its generally best to keep them on the sand.
  11. trickedout900

    Woot woot game on!
  12. trickedout900

    How about a macro algae tank with abunch of small fish and sexy shrimp.
  13. trickedout900

    It's not a great pic but it's camera shy. Every time I try to take one it turns sideways.
  14. trickedout900

  15. trickedout900

    They will likely hold onto it until its fraggable. Why sell two when you could sell several every year.