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  1. Goodtimes

    Hey guys! I got the notifications. I am currently 6 weeks into the cycle. Still trying to decide on some of the equipment I want to use. I’ll post later when I have time and give a more detailed update.
  2. I have for sale a 48" ATI t5 fixture. It's a 4 bulb fixture in good condition. Bulbs included but are a year old. Located in Norwalk Asking $175
  3. Goodtimes

    That would be perfect but even if we met halfway it would be 1.5 hrs
  4. I'm searching for used in good conditions tanks within a hour of Norwalk. Looking for IM NUVO or other rimless aio tanks. I need a 8-12 gallon and a 16-30 gallon. Maybe even bigger. The only other tank I would be interested in is a RSM 130. Thanks
  5. Goodtimes

    $100pp is stupid expensive too me
  6. Is the tank still available?
  7. Goodtimes

    AIO tank, ATI light, Tunze skimmer, Tunze power head and 60 pounds of really nice dry rock. All for only $400
  8. Goodtimes

    This is a great tank. It offers the convenience of a all in one but a lot more room.
  9. Goodtimes

    I'm glad there doing well. I still have a few things left. I still have a few left. I have a rock with lots of green palys, a nice size gbta and a 6" green toadstool. Asking $100 8" pulsating finger leather $50
  10. Goodtimes

    How about a package deal. $250 for tank, skimmer and power head.
  11. Goodtimes

    Let me explain better. It's a standard 55 gallon tank. I had Aquatica build this acrylic filter. I attached it inside the tank with silicone. It has two removable egg crate shelves. I used filter floss on the top and carbon on the bottom. The middle chamber holds the Tunze 9004. Last chamber has a maxi jet 1200 return pump. The tank also has mesh tops.
  12. Goodtimes

    It is permanently mounted inside the 55 gallon with silicone
  13. Goodtimes

    I only use my phone and it times out when tatting to upload pics. I'd be happy to text or email pics to anyone interested. Is buckeye reef on tapatalk? I can load pics in that
  14. Goodtimes

    It's like a bio cube or nano cube with a built in filter. It's not drilled.
  15. Goodtimes

    Standard dimension fifty five gallon glass aquarium with a custom built acrylic filter. Tunze nano stream power head 6045 with s knob that allows you to adjust the flow from the pump. Tunze nano protien skimmer model 9004 T5 light fixture that has four bulbs that are fifty four watts each. It is a stainless steel ATI brand fixture. The bulbs work but are old.