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  1. tjnfish101

    How much for the leather colonies
  2. tjnfish101

    What brand lights and skimmer
  3. tjnfish101

    How much for corals and mushrooms
  4. tjnfish101

    What you want for livestock
  5. tjnfish101

    I will buy them
  6. tjnfish101

    What would you take also location
  7. tjnfish101

    You interested in selling corals and fish separate
  8. How much for the mushroom rock with sinularia
  9. tjnfish101

    Lifereef gets my vote hands down
  10. tjnfish101

    Think i seen it on Craigslist
  11. tjnfish101

    Used twould 6095s in a 90 only thing I don't like are the cords they run forever and dead silent
  12. tjnfish101

    Where you located and how much for the jebo pump
  13. tjnfish101

    Got a brand new vertex 150 impeller is broken make you a great deal new impeller is 45.00
  14. tjnfish101

    How much you thinking