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  1. Jimmybtown

    Sold, please lock thread
  2. Jimmybtown

    @zacheggI am not seeing a pm, either try it again or feel free to text 567-674-4521 thanks
  3. Jimmybtown

    One sold, one still available, thanks
  4. Jimmybtown

    Yes, I should be home Sunday until about 4.
  5. Jimmybtown

    We should be back by 8 or 9 if you would like to come that late. No problem if not.
  6. Jimmybtown

    @Levi I will be home in the morning only. Text or call if you want to set up a time to pick one up. 567-674-4521
  7. Jimmybtown

    Solid, I was planning to drill myself
  8. Jimmybtown

    I will be in BG on Saturday if that helps anyone
  9. I have a brand new 75 gallon tank I have been saving for a project. I think I am putting it off for awhile so I want it out of my garage. $75 dollars located in Bellefontaine
  10. Jimmybtown

  11. Jimmybtown

    I am starting to look for my next tank. I am going 6', probably 220 gallon. At this point I am thinking I want to put a Synergy overflow or something similar on it, so undrilled is fine. Any leads would be appreciated. Thanks
  12. Jimmybtown

    Lock please
  13. Jimmybtown

    Lock please
  14. Jimmybtown

    My bad, these are gone. please lock.