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  1. Buckeye Hydro

    The same scale that build up on your plumbing fixtures when you have hard water builds up INSIDE the membrane. That's what's meant if you ever hear someone say the "scaled" their membrane. This is one of the concerns people like me have when we have customers that was to choke down the concentrate ("waste water") to a 2:1 for example.
  2. Buckeye Hydro

    Nope - RO membranes and softened water are a pair made in heaven. On the expensive commercial RO's we install, softening is almost a mandatory pretreatment.
  3. Buckeye Hydro

    Smart - assuming the structure of the old system is good, and it takes standard sized filters you can make it do what you want. Call if you need help. Russ
  4. Buckeye Hydro

    Whenever you see encapsulated filters, think : proprietary (you'll have to buy from the original vendor for the life of the product), and expensive. Just the nature of the beast.
  5. Buckeye Hydro

    Some comments on that system: 5 micron sediment filter - you'd be better off with a 1 micron. $7.99 replacement cost just for the sediment filter, as you have to pay for the housing every time you replace it 5 micron carbon block with no spec's. You could do much better at the same cost. RO membrane spec'ed at 65 psi. You could do better with a Filmtec spec'ed at 50 psi. RO membrane - no spec's provided re: rejection or recovery DI cartridge: $30 replacement cost because you are paying for the housing every time you have to replace it. This is about 250% more than you'd pay otherwise. All in all, would not recommend that system to a friend! Russ
  6. Buckeye Hydro

    Two comments for you: 1. If you want to set up your system as you describe, you'll need an auto shut off valve, check valve, and float valve to have the waste water stop flowing when the purified water flow is stopped by the float valve. If you already have an ASOV, it is not working and needs some attention. 2. Don't set up your system as you describe! More on this if you're interested... Russ
  7. Buckeye Hydro

    Do you have an Auto shut off valve? If so, my guess is that the ASOV was stuck shut, and was not allowing water to reach the membrane. Russ
  8. Buckeye Hydro

    Yes - we use them in RO and DI tanks. Nothing to corrode.
  9. Buckeye Hydro

    ANY electrical switch can and will fail. These can stick open or closed.
  10. Buckeye Hydro

    You can also use a tether float switch rather than hi/lo float switches: http://www.buckeyehydro.com/tether-float-switch/
  11. Buckeye Hydro

    Here's an optical switch, but the tank has to be clear. http://www.buckeyehydro.com/autoaqua-smart-ato-with-pump/
  12. Buckeye Hydro

    OK. So you're talking about a FLOW switch that will sense water going out that overflow and turn something on or off?
  13. Buckeye Hydro

    are you talking about a FLOW switch, or a FLOAT switch?
  14. Buckeye Hydro

    It's never too late!
  15. Buckeye Hydro

    Two XL's here