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    180 reef,40 reef,100gallon frag table ,29 nem tank,14 bio (reef) soon 250 with 150 sump fish only

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  1. @Craig what types of equipment trades are u looking for? Or coral? Shoot me a pm I’m interested
  2. The wand works great I currently have one
  3. BTA

    Here’s a picture under whites only
  4. Selling a 1998 Expedition truck runs and drives great, I’ve replaced most of what goes wrong with these trucks, all new coil packs and injectors, all new brake lines and brakes, new battery, new alternator, new shift cable the bad, heater core was leaking so currently bypassed I wouldn’t be afraid to drive it anywhere, very dependable, all leather interior and third row seat, towing pkg asking 1200 obo only reason I’m selling I bought another truck
  5. BTA

    Yes does have the white webbing I’ll get some pictures later today after my lights are on
  6. I personally only feed my tanks my own blend
  7. Count me in, I’m always down for some friendly competition
  8. BTA

    As far as I know it’s a black widow
  9. BTA

    @Joe I’ve got a couple black widows
  10. Love me a harlequin or a sexy
  11. @chiefs11 check r2r there’s a guy on there selling those same torches for 150 for two heads seems like he’s got a few different species of torch
  12. All freebies lol
  13. Sold
  14. You won’t be sorry with the wand it just melts them to nothing