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    180 reef,40 reef,100gallon frag table ,29 nem tank,14 bio (reef) soon 250 with 150 sump fish only

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  1. @Levi does amazing work the mushroom box he built me works incredibly well
  2. I'll trade ya
  3. Bought a egg grill over the weekend and desided to try a brisket ( turned out awesome)
  4. lol
  5. I'll take them all
  6. Bought me another
  7. @Nanoreef13 happens all the time in this hobby, idk if it's sellers remorse or what? I understand that your upset, but since no money was exchanged it's his tank to do with as he pleases what size tank was it? I run into things all the time I may be able to help you find another
  8. Nope it's a Cleveland sunburst, quite similar to the Colorado
  9. @Birdman I get off work at 5 I'll get u some pictures
  10. @Birdman I'd be interested in them fish if you want my rock
  11. I'll get some some pictures tonight
  12. I'm in Elida Ohio