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    180 reef,40 reef,100gallon frag table ,29 nem tank,14 bio (reef) soon 250 with 150 sump fish only

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  1. Harleybronco

    I bought my old 180 reef tank 5-6 years ago at a auction for 45$, complete with reef octopus skimmer, acrylic sump, reef keeper, tunze power heads and metal halide ,there out there just got to find them lol
  2. Harleybronco

    @Muttley000 I’d take a couple
  3. Harleybronco

    I’ll take them, do you need the rock replaced I’ve got live or dry
  4. Harleybronco

    I’ve got around 100 pounds of dryrock I’d sell
  5. Harleybronco

    looking for a mp-40 or mp-60
  6. Harleybronco

    Had a huge one in my 180, not many problems until he would get bored then he would move stuff around I currently have a pink tail trigger in my 150 with no problems
  7. Harleybronco

    If you get towards Lima I’d buy him
  8. Harleybronco

    Anyone interested in some killer acid rain anemones I’ve got 6 for sale ( pictures don’t do them justice) 75$ each
  9. Harleybronco

    He’s in my 150 they ordered in a 2-3’ one for a customer and they sent him this 5-6’ already changing into a adult
  10. Harleybronco

    Bought this huge Koran Angel today at local Petco today for 30$
  11. Harleybronco

  12. Harleybronco