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    180 reef,40 reef,100gallon frag table ,29 nem tank,14 bio (reef) soon 250 with 150 sump fish only

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  1. Got it at changing tide in Findlay
  2. Bought one of these the other day fingered goby, very cool fish
  3. I’d be interested in 20$ worth
  4. Lol think I won the bounce
  5. I run tunze wave box’s, same poerheds in them I’ve had no problems and they are very quiet
  6. Had to try to get a closeup he’s been in hiding
  7. My humongous Sunkist bounce mushroom
  8. I got you @Trick
  9. Awesome thanks @Muttley000
  10. I’ve got around 100 pds of dry rock can bring to swap if needed 125$ for all of it
  11. @buk hey Buk I’m interested in that mp40 if you deside to split it up
  12. BH-300 hob skimmer duel pumps, one pump is near new asking 100$ obo willing to take trades