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  1. Sent PM haven't heard anything back Interested in soft corals an the nems
  2. Same here I may be Interested in a frag
  3. I have 16 pounds of live rock, asking Candy cane coral about 14 heads total, Xlarge rock covered with neon gsp an about 15 to 20 mushrooms, 2 Medium rocks covered with gsp, I large rock with about 5 plus mushrooms. Total mushrooms on rocks are between 15 to 40 Asking 150.00 for everything.
  4. Jeff What kind of xenia an color star pyolps an do you have any cloves
  5. Let me know what zoas an what you thinking on xenia,
  6. I have single pyolps on up to 6 or 7 on a frag do you have a pic of the toadstool mussin an the polyps heads are around nickel size, looking to see what I can as pink diamonds dont go to cheap an RR pinks go higher just trying to thin some out.
  7. I have pink diamond frags that I would like to trade for something in the soft coral group, they are the RR pink diamonds. Sorry for the bad pic of them I took it with my phone
  8. What all corals do you have an what are you asking for the corals
  9. How much for pacillopora, an softie corals green toadstool, cabbage coral, finger leather, green singulara, bubble tips, and rock nems an ducans, an what other soft corals do you have.
  10. Where you located an do you have pics.
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