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  1. RockGen’s aquaculture live rock is the most natural and cleanest form of live rock on the market. Plus we have RG ornate sea horses and some really nice corals available in stock. Don’t forget, we also have an account that would allow you to view all their livestock, and you can even purchase through us. Contact Brandon for more details on products in stock, and further details about how to special order ReefGen. 1-812-703-6167 or 1-317-895-9005 Email:
  2. Click here for price and availability list.
  3. Most hermit crabs live their lives in an endless episode of House Hunters, switching from one shell to the next. A newly discovered species of hermit crab, however, chooses to live in an unusual abode that’s actually also alive.
  4. Remember no holds or rainchecks! Full available livestock list:
  5. A team of Chilean researchers revealed the first images of what may be at least six new reef-dwelling species.’s-“twilight-zone” Also for you Netflix users… I would recommend watching “Chasing Corals”. It is a great/eye-opening documentary about coral reef bleaching.
  8. Summer is heating up at Premium Aquatics! This has been a great week for livestock here at Premium Aquatics with a focus on a few beautiful tangs. Come in and check out the beautiful Juvenile Achilles tang, the White Cheek or the Hybrid Powder Blue...all at great prices! While everyone is spending time outside, treat your reef to one of our beautiful fish that just came in. Here are just a few highlights of what came in below: Achilles Tang $139.99 Clown Tang $49.99 Chocolate Tang $29.99 White Cheek Tang $63.99 Yellow Tangs $33.99 YELLOW Coral Beauty $42.99 Flame Angel $52.99 Blue Dot Jawfish $79.99 Magnificent Foxface $73.99 Elegance Coral $69.99 Rainbow Anenomes $34.99 Neon Sebae Anenome $29.99 PREMIUM Pink Lemonade, Red Planet, Cali tort and Red hornet Zoa frags.... Inverts restocked...and lots of deals in the coral section!! Remember no rainchecks or holds. We hope to see you tomorrow, Saturday 7/8/2017 from 12pm to 3pm. Full available Livestock List:
  9. Video link:
  10. July 4th Weekend Special - 10% off to 50% off All fish and Corals!!! We hope everyone has a safe and special holiday this 4th of July. To celebrate our Independence here at Premium Aquatics...we have some awesome drygood and livestock specials for you! We have worked out specials from some of our top brands to offer you savings this weekend. Check your emails to see what specials you can count on in our fully stocked warehouse! We are celebrating with a big bang of savings here at Premium Aquatics!! Take a look at just a few animals we have brought in for you this weekend.... New Arrivals: Naso Tang $48.99 Two Spot Bristletooth Tang $23.99 Blue Hippo Tang $48.99 Blue Dot Jawfish $79.99 Springeri Damsels - Eats Flatworms!! $6.99 Sebae Malu Anenome $29.99 Elegance Coral - Pink/Purple Tip from Australia!! $69.99 Watermelon Anenome's - Green with Orange tips....NICE!!! $69.99 Ultra Rock Anenomes - NEW!! Great coloration Plus we have over a dozen Rose Bubble tips, green bubble tips, and other varieties of anenomes in stock now!! Remember no holds or raincheck! Open this Saturday, 7/1/2017 from 12pm to 3pm...we hope to see you then!! Full Available Livestock List: We will have cookies and punch this Saturday as well :v)